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General News · 15th August 2018
SRD Edith
Public notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors for the Strathcona Regional District may proceed with final passage and adoption of Bylaws No. 321 and 322, being Regional Broadband Infrastructure Service Establishing Bylaw 2018 and Regional Broadband Infrastructure Loan Authorization Bylaw 2018, at its meeting of Wednesday, September 19, 2018 unless at least 10% of the eligible electors of the Regional District submit elector response forms not later than 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 indicating that the Regional Board must first obtain the assent of the electors by voting. (see notice for more info)
internet access?
Comment by Gypsy Mama on 1st August 2018
Really how would this seabed cable help me(and everyone) personally access internet?
Will it bring internet accessibility to every home/tent?

Has there been an environmental study done on what this will do to the seafloor and all the seafloor life?

Please remind me of why this is 'needed'?

I'm 100% sure...
Comment by Ester on 23rd July 2018
Thanks Sean. This is why I am 100% sure that Noba will have an information meeting before the deadline with all the facts on the table. Someone with knowledge about this will be present so people can ask questions and get answers and we can all make an informed decision.
Correcting some Misinformation
Comment by Sean Coyote on 23rd July 2018
There is an awful lot of misinformation and disinformation going around about this !!
5G is a cellphone system. As Cortes does not have any cellphone towers (the nearest are at Quadra and Sara Point) we are not going to be getting 5G. Our population is much much to small.

The broadband infrastructure referred to is Internet, and most of it involves fibre optic cable on the seabed serving isolated communities such as ours.
There will be no increase in radio radiation as a result of it's installation.

Having spent my entire life in the field of radio I can assure you that the electrical wiring in the walls of your home is by far and away the greatest danger of this sort to your personal health, with radiation levels orders of magnitude greater than wifi, cellphone or smart meters.
Another new tax & Broadband Infrastructure
Comment by sue vican on 21st July 2018
Thank you Jack and Mary-Lu for your comments.

5G is a health hazard and is being resisted by many communities. It is being rolled out in many places with no health risk assessment.
Another new tax
Comment by Jack Wills on 21st July 2018
These bylaws authorize the SRD to borrow up to 6 million $ and increase your property taxes by $.25 per $1000 of assessed value. When this passes, your taxes will be increased by $75.00 for a property assessed ,,, $300K and we will be on the hook for (up to) a $6 million debt.
Broadband infrastructure
Comment by Mary-Lu Lorenson on 20th July 2018
Please clarify the nature of this broadband infrastructure you want to install. I s it the 5G system? If so there needs to be a proper health risk assessment done