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General News · 6th July 2019
Doug Brown
The Katimavic trail is in good shape now and I invite Cortes residents to (re)discover it as well as your visiting family and friends and summer people and visitors as well. I think it's one of the most beautiful trails on the island with a wide variety of terrain, views and environments. It starts across the road from the Easter Bluff trailhead (there's a sign) and ends up at the bridge in Kw'as Park. It's about a 45 minute walk and is suitable for kids and adults alike (although elderly folks may find it a bit of a challenge in a couple of spots). If you need help finding it please give me a call.

Doug Brown
Appreciation and answer to question about bikes
Comment by Tamara on 6th July 2019
Thanks Doug, for maintaining this and other trials on Linnaea Farm!
The answer to Mike’s question about bikes on the trials - especially up to Easter Bluff - is no. We have often closed that trail in dry years due to its super sensitive, mossy eco-system.
So please be extra careful and diligent at sticking to the paths. The Katimivik and Easter Bluff trials both run through covenanted land - part of Linnaea’s ecological land reserve, where we are only allowed to maintain trials and to keep the rest of the woodlands in as natural as a state as possible.
Thanks again Doug for all your hard work!
Comment by mike on 8th July 2018
I assume bikes aren't allowed as it ends in Kw'as? (What about on the Easter Bluff trail?)
Thanks for the work, been enjoying all the trails I've used so far!
Comment by Ester on 3rd July 2018
Thanks Doug for all your work on this great trail!
Thank you!
Comment by Candice on 2nd July 2018
Thanks for the heads up!