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General News · 25th June 2018
gregory philip edward jolicoeu
This notice is in response to the unfortunate and completely avoidable incident at Manson's Hall where a dog was attacked by 2 others.
In fact the owner of said dogs is my son. He had come to visit me on my arrival to Cortes Island bringing with him his dogs.
They are in no way my dogs nor do I claim any responsibility for them but I did tell my son that he was to leave with them immediately, which they did at the first crossing available.
This I felt was taking as much responsibility as possible for these circumstances and in doing so protecting the community in which I have chosen to infuse myself within thus alienating me from my own family.
What is concerning me though is the fact that as a Peaceful man how it is that certain unnamed and unknown citizens can confront me to say that unless I to leave I will be escorted off Island by vigilante's.
Is this how a community in a FREE and Democratic society deals with it's issue's and how did I become culpable for another adult's poor decisions.
It would seem empty of me to apologize for something so regrettable, that I had no way of foreseeing nor stopping but I will say that if in fact I could turn back time I most certainly would without thought.
My hope is to find a small place within this community in which to do my art/writing and in fact that is what I will do with or without adversity.
I write this letter to not only the affected parties but the community at large. It is regretful that I must do so on someone else's behalf but I feel only fair since my attempt's to get my son to do so have failed and it is only to this extent that I claim any responsibility.
Should you feel otherwise then please feel free to email me or approach me in person (I don't bite).
Sincerely and with the deepest regrets,
gregory philip edward jolicoeur
New Arrival
Comment by Eddie M. on 26th June 2018

Well said comment concerning your responsibilities in this scenario. That you asked a family member to leave so that a serious issue is resolved shows maturity and a want to 'make things right'. For that I can find no fault, especially if doing so has disrupted your family's unity.
As for the vigilantism, a course of action that can have benefits and severe detriments. In my time on island I've seen stalker's of exes escorted to the ferry and warned not to return,....a good result when the police's hands are tied for any recourse to take place. As seems far too common in cases of domestic abuse. I've also seen the falsely accused raked over the coals for something they didn't do, or were completely misunderstood about.
The people blaming you for your son's lack of responsibility with dogs are way off-base. Emotions usurping and over-riding rational thought processes.
Witch-hunts are very dangerous, history should have taught us that by now. So, be very wary of those carrying fake witch prickers everyone. Since, who knows, maybe it will be one of today's hunters that is tomorrow's hunted over a misconception, malicious rumour, or what have you that drive's someone to emotional actions rather than rational thought processes. Although, one emotion to never over-look is empathy. It's amazing for it's ability to help understand another's viewpoints, to 'walk in their shoes'.
I know the dog attacked and feel quite strongly for him and it's family that had to deal with this. At the same time, I feel strongly for a person who took action to remedy that pain inflicted, but is still threatened with banishment. An emotional scenario in every aspect, for everyone, yet rational reasoning will prevail.... or this island sinks under the weight of knee-jerk reactions and the lost bouyancy of empathy.
It's our choice Cortesians. Do we really want to support witch-hunts, or reasonable solutions for our interpersonal issues?