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General News · 14th June 2018
Hélène Andrée Aubé
Just saw new Summer schedule for Ferries from Campbell River and Quadra, what about a new schedule for Cortes? Would it not make sense to start our ferry earlier so that we can stop having to get up at 4am to catch the 7.50 ferry which is not guaranteed (not everyone has the benefit of owning 2 vehicles) and parking overnight (unfair practice -please spare me the comments that's the way Cortes has done it for years ). Had to stay overnight several times $$$$$ at hotels in Comox and Campbell River to make appointments at Eye Specialist and vet for an operation and follow up for one of my animals. As we cannot leave our brood alone overnight this takes 2 ferry crossings $$$ each appointment.
Island Life...
Comment by Josée on 17th June 2018
It is very difficult to navigate at times. I wish we had one extra ferry run in the am and one in the pm, but that would mean two shifts for the workers I guess.
Ferry Blues
Comment by Jack Wills on 15th June 2018
Another frequent problem is that even if you do get on the 1st boat off Cortes, you will likely be faced with an overload in Q Cove.
As for a bigger boat, well. the old Cortes Queen had a 14 car capacity, Nimkish took a few more. Then Tanaka, it got filled, then Tachek (or was it the other way around). It is overloaded now too.
Unfortunately a bigger boat is only a temporary solution. Shop locally if you can.
It is summer, if you want tourism, you have to live with the consequences.
New Ferry Schedule
Comment by Paul Ryan on 14th June 2018
How about a bigger boat? Like the one scheduled for 2020? BTW it's not a "summer" schedule. It's year round.