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General News · 12th June 2018
Aaron Ellingsen
2018/2019 Dr. Emily Ellingsen Memorial Bursary applications are now being accepted. 

Emily's memorial bursaries support Cortes Island students in their pursuit of postsecondary education. Students who attended a Cortes Island school or home-schooled on the island for three or more years are eligible to apply. 

Emily Ellingsen (née Woolley) was born on July 27, 1978. She spent most of her childhood on Cortes, before pursuing her education at the University of Victoria and McMaster University in Hamilton. She was persistently enthusiastic about the projects and people she surrounded herself with, and was dedicated to bringing out the best in those around her. Emily passed away on February 19, 2010, following two rounds of treatment for cervical cancer. She spent her final weeks close to home at the Royal Jubilee hospital in Victoria, surrounded by family, colleagues and many, many dear friends. She remained positive and upbeat through diagnosis, treatment, and recurrent illness.

Although her life was cut short, Emily was blessed with a rare capacity for living well. She passed away after completing her medical degree, only months away from becoming the first UBC medical graduate to complete a five-year psychiatry residency in Victoria. She was popular with colleagues and classmates, and relished opportunities to mentor students following similar paths. A lovely maple tree and memorial plaque in the courtyard at the Royal Jubilee mark her social and professional connections with the medical community there. 

Emily was proud of her many accomplishments, in the face of what some might have considered adversity. She loved her parents, her husband, her siblings, her nieces, her aunts and uncles and in-laws. She loved her friends. She loved her work. She loved her pets. She loved to run. She loved to row. She loved her life. We family members are also proud of her accomplishments, and think of them often. We think of her often.

Emily's bursaries are a reminder to all of us of her enthusiasm for embracing opportunities, and for encouraging others to seize opportunities.

Applications for two $1,000 2018-2019 Dr. Emily Ellingsen Memorial Bursaries will be accepted until midnight on July 1, 2018.

2018-2019 Dr. Emily Ellingsen Memorial Bursary application guidelines

Applicants should include the following information, in sections numbered and ordered as listed:
1. Full name
2. Residential address and contact information
3. Details of schooling on Cortes Island (minimum of three years)
4. Most recent schooling (including current year of study, if applicable)
5. Work experience
6. Volunteer experience and extra-curricular interests
7. Educational goals
8. Brief statement of financial need
9. An expression of Cortes Island and the Cortes Island community's influence on you. Please complete this section in the way that best suits you. Your creativity is welcome. (e.g. short essay, story, poem, song, video, photos, drawings, etc.) 

Applications should be in a text document, submitted as an email attachment. Section 8 may be part of the application document, or an additional text, audio or video attachment, as required.

Presentation, including spelling, grammar, and attention to detail/completeness, will be considered in evaluating each application.

Submit applications by email to agellingsen[at] by midnight on July 1, 2018.

Emily's family would like to thank the Cortes Island School PAC for its ongoing support of the Dr. Emily Ellingsen Memorial Bursaries.

Financial contributions to the bursary fund are greatly appreciated.

Please contact Aaron Ellingsen (250.935.6915) or Myann Woolley (250.935.6475) for further detail.
Comment by Aaron Ellingsen on 12th June 2018
Yes, anyone who has attended school (or home schooled) on Cortes for three years is eligible for the bursaries.
One question
Comment by Nikie on 12th June 2018
So the applicants would not be currently attending school on Cortes, given that the school here only goes to grade 8 or so, correct? Just to have gone to the school here for a minimum of three years in the past? Just want to clarify for future reference. Thanks