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General News · 5th June 2018
Wendy L.
From Wednesday, June 6, SRD Board meeting agenda.
Establishing a Nuisance Control Service
Bylaw No. 323

a) THAT the report from the Chief Administrative Officer be received. [Item]

b) THAT Bylaw No. 323, being a bylaw to establish a service for the control of unsightly premises within Electoral Area B (Cortes Island), be now introduced and read a first time.

c) THAT the rules be suspended and Bylaw No. 323 be given second and third readings.

d) THAT approval for Bylaw No. 323 be authorized to be obtained by participating area consent pursuant to s.347 of the Local Government Act.
Reason we came
Comment by Jason (JT) on 6th June 2018
A big reason why I moved to this island was because of the perceived freedom I felt. I came from a place that bylawed itself into the ground. It got to the point where people were calling the officer on their neighbours over the tiniest infractions. Knowing the officer for many years he pointed out to me that in 9 out of 10 cases, the problem could have been solved simply by the neighbours talking to each other but because the bylaw was in place, they felt legally entitled to call. He retired from that position and said that his time as an RCMP member was less stressful. Knowing the world is over regulated as it is, I love the fact that Cortes is still a little bit wild and free and after talking to many of the other 30 and 40 somethings, that's a big reason why they are moving here. This nuisance law seems to be the exact opposite of that freedom we're all seeking.
Comment by Tom Bohart on 5th June 2018
I e-mailed planning at SRD asking for a relevant definition of "unsightly" for the purposes of this bylaw, and have not received a response. Noba told me what she th0ught it might mean, but I asked her for a legal definition and haven't gotten an answer. So I don't know what they're voting on tomorrow.