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General News · 2nd June 2018
Wendy L.
Where nests the Nuisance Bug?

- 154 responses were received to the full Questionnaire/ part of the Zoning Bylaw Review.
~900 population (or more)

- “Would you like to see a nuisance bylaw adopted for Cortes Island?”
131 responses answered this Question (not 123) – 71 Yes 50 No 10 Don’t know/No opinion

At a April 11, 2018 meeting of the four Rural/Electoral Areas’ Committee the matter of Nuisance Control for Cortes Island prompted a request for a Staff Report to clarify the process.

The SRD Chief Administrative Officer/CAO Staff Report April 12 was prepared for the May 9 meeting of four Rural Area Committee members. It provides relevant Local Government Act and Community Charter information.
The Report also says “.... the service of nuisance control could be in place by mid-summer if that is the Board's wish. This timeframe would only be possible if the Board authorizes the service establishing bylaw to be adopted on the basis of consent on behalf of the electors rather than elector approval by voting or alternative approval process. When the service establishing bylaw has been adopted the Board will be able to consider a bylaw to prohibit or regulate the nuisances covered by the bylaw. Page 3 – suggested Timeframe.

A May 21 issue of the Campbell River Mirror ran an article about strengthening nuisance provisions for Cortes Island with comments by Noba Anderson, Area B local representative to the SRD. Although Campbell Riverites were alerted to the newsworthy piece, it wouldn’t have gone far on Cortes given less than 100 Mirror copies are available weekly.

At a May 24 Board meeting:
The April 12 Staff Report was provided to Board members,who voted to receive it. Hopefully they’d all read it beforehand. At least we know a few Cortes residents were digesting it.
Next the Board approved Anderson’s motion -THAT a bylaw to establish a Nuisance Control Service for Cortes Island that focuses on unsightly premises and air emissions be prepared for the Board's consideration.

Anderson’s recent newsletter to constituents has made no mention of a proposed specific Nuisance Control Service, or related Review of Building Regulations and Ticketing for Bylaw Offenses-

As quoted in the Mirror – “ the other tool that should be available more in the future is the ticketing bylaw. At present, there are few ways to bring someone into compliance, so the SRD is looking to make the current bylaw stronger. “Basically, we need to take them to court, which is a very blunt really doesn’t make sense except for the most egregious situations.”

It’s such court action undertaken by our local government pursued by local groups that has and will cost taxpayers the extravagant legal fees of a lawsuit against a land owner who will not be brought to heel. Anderson has to go further into the past than her 10 years of service to see what has transpired regarding lawsuits and their cost to taxpayers.
A few mid-life and old-time reminiscing vocalists could now enter stage left.

Although few residents take advantage of this opportunity to read what’s happening regarding Area B/Cortes Island at the SRD, all publications are in the public domain and available for residents to freely share, discuss, and communicate concerns. The website information is not controlled by local government representatives to cherry pick for distribution to constituents as they may see fit.

Acknowledgement and due credit is owed to the thoughtful locals whose valid ‘Nuisance’ concerns allowed you Cortes Representative Anderson the opportunity to expound with a bit more background.

From my perspective and contrary to any slack assumptions, residents of all ages seem to do quite well without being advised when and where to take a breath.