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General News · 1st June 2018
Kristen Scholfield-Sweet
What a day! 76 volunteers served 6,900 oysters, 200 lbs of clams, 30 lbs of prawns, 50 baguettes and 5 cases of bok choy onto approximately 750 plates for appreciative islanders and guests.

Here is a last oyster farmer story to say "thanks" once again to all the growers and helpers who make this festival possible.

My history with oyster farming

Life on the water and especially on the rafts was every day an adventure. That is if you could start the engine in the morning to make it out there. After one of us managed to start the engine the strongest of the gang had to pick up vexar bags filled with shell covered with oyster spat. We needed to really focus, steady the boat and count up to 20 or 25 bags. Then we would argue about how many we had, and then count them again..exhausting.

We finally made it to the raft and secure. We would listen to the radio when we could—which meant no rain, no static, enough battery. We chatted with each other, laughing and some days crying because the wind was so strong. We were afraid of getting blown away but were lucky that only the plywood lifted up and landed in the water. It floated for few minutes so we used the pike pole to bring back to the raft. No! Wait a minute. First to the boat and then the raft ...exhausted from crying and laughing. During the summer we will dive, or more like jump from the raft to cool off. Finding our way back to the raft could be interesting. We used to say we were getting paid to gain muscles--no need to go at the gym at the end of the day.

I really enjoyed the life on the raft: the freedom, the beauty of the ocean, the friendship with other farmers, the simplicity, clean air, clean water, clean food. I retired from oyster farming a long time will always hold a dear place
In my heart. Kudos to everyone who has stayed with it.

Your friend the landscaper/gardener/mother/grandmother
found a new career in Wellness /health /holistic nutrition.
Marthe Thivierge Laberge