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General News · 29th May 2018
Jack Wills
Nuisance Control Officer?

Really, Why in the world do we need a nuisance cop? Did anyone ask for this? Is this a pressing issue for Cortes Island? Apparently we won't get to vote on this, and there will be no cap on expenditures.
I can easily foresee imagined or trivial things to be deemed a nuisance merely to RAISE REVENUE for the SRD.
What constitutes a noxious weed? Maybe Scotch Broom.....Oops, that is mostly found on the road right-of-way. What constitutes an unsightly premises? One mans eyesore may be another man's art or political statement. No definitions here, so the nuisance cop would have wide ranging powers. Sounds quite subjective. Air emissions? What really does that mean? If my neighbour has chickens and I consider them smelly, can I complain? What about flowers that I might find objectionable?Are we to surrender our use of the only renewable resource......firewood, in the interests of corporate provided energy?

In my 36 years here the only real nuisances have been potholes and long summer ferry line-ups........neither of which fall into the purvey of the SRD. Well, another nuisance might be propositions such as this particular one. Leave us alone!

Summer is a good time to sneak this by us, no doubt that is why it has been introduced without any public input, or prior notice.
Perhaps our Regional Director can address these issues and tell us why the SRD thinks we need another bunch of rules (that primarily apply to urban areas) and an enforcement officer paid out of our own pockets. Does our Regional Director even support this proposal?

Thank you Wendy L. for alerting us to this new assault.

Where is the compassion? Embrace the differences.
Comment by Jenny Wilson on 30th May 2018
What defines nuisance? To me, it is someone or some entity translating their personal views at others private existence and creating negative actions that have no humanity attached. Nuisance makers are often folks who believe "they" get to define what looks good or not. Why do you have the right to tell anyone to kill insects or certain plants or even decide what it looks like on the outside on my small dwelling. What if I am a Buddhist who doesn't kill anything? Is my outhouse a nuisance because I take medications and my waste ends up in the ground? Are composting toilets a nuisance?

One suggestion that isn't punitive: Graffiti in a skate park is a part of its culture. If you really want to change it - then hire skaters and locals to paint it like a mural.

So many positive things can be done instead.

Take a step back.

I believe this island is beautiful BECAUSE of the community of kindness around all income levels. Cortes IS people with fixed incomes, challenges like addictions & illness, permanent disability, social services and homeless by choice all the way to multi-millionaires and celebrities. What's next? Telling Klahoose Nation how they should live on "their land" aka the Reservation? In fact if anyone gets to decide what nuisances are it should be them. We are the settlers after all.

To me this "bylaw" is an example of classism.

There will always be complainers in a community and it seems to me that they generally exist in an echo chamber or they end up with spasms due to the clenching for years and years.

The energy it takes to judge another can be harnessed into kindness. Learn about building compassion and help thy neighbour, commit time to cleaning up the Children's Forest or donate generously to the food bank. If the board chooses to get their knickers in a knot because some hippy artist hangs "ugly" creations in the trees and they have long wild grass AND old stuff in their yard - then, look and walk on - don't persecute or judge.

Be kind, think with your hearts instead.
It could get far worse than that ...
Comment by Carol Lewis on 30th May 2018
It could mean more than massive fines. It could actually mean the sale of the property (see section 80). There is even an open time frame for compliance which can be set at the discretion of the council if the matter is considered to be a risk to public health or safety (see section 79). Aren't the powers granted here a little extreme given that when our Electoral Area Director made the request for a Nuisance Bylaw, they were given to understand that it was simply to address unsightliness with no idea of the far-ranging powers that would be built into this bylaw. Furthermore, there seems to be some urgency to get this through as it apparently goes for 3 readings on June 6.
I share your concerns, Jack
Comment by Tom Bohart on 30th May 2018
I have told Noba she needs to have a public meeting on this. It goes three readings on June 6th, and nobody knows what it all means. It could mean massive fines and SRD sending a crew to "fix " the problems and billing the owner.