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General News · 30th May 2018
Misty Thorne
Thank you

It has been a year since our then 10 year old son Broderick spilled a pot of boiling water down the front of his body receiving 2nd and 3rd degree burns to 30% of his body. I wanted to say thank you to the wonder community of Cortes that helped out over and above to get us through while we spent 6 weeks in Vancouver for Broderick's burn treatments. We had lost wages as we could not work for that time. We lost our hens and rabbits to wolves due to not being home. We had our car broken into while in Vancouver and my husband wallet stolen along with some other small things. When we got back we lost my beloved Pommerain "Duke" taken by the wolves and then our car quit working. And to top things off in July the children tax benefit was stopped as I had not got all the paperwork done due the kaoffs of the time. It was to say the least a trying time for the family.

From the moment we got him to the health center where they were quick to care for him and make calls to get him the care he needed. Jes was there with hugs and support for myself and our 3 other children while we waited for the hellacopter to take my husband and son to Vancouver. A huge thank you to Teri and Curt for the cash advance and to Teri for taking to time to go with me to Campbell River, feed us, clothing is as we left with out going home, and making sure we had a room for the night so we could make a early start to get to the hospital to be with our son. And also for the donation box that they set up at the squirrel cove store. Thank you to Desta for taking the time to set us up with a timeline post and connecting us with government support. Thank you to Richard for looking after our animals while we were gone. and a HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT DONATED TO HELP US OUT. As well as Nancy for whatching the kids one day a week so we could both work an 8 hour shift at the store. Also to Deanne for watching the kids the one day that well really needed it. And another thank you Curt and Teri for holding our jobs for us and our continued employment at Squirrel cove store. Bless every last one of you.
For a Precious Family
Comment by Nancy on 1st June 2018
Aww, you are welcome, for my part ! It was a pleasure being with your sweet children & helping out you special people. I thank our Creator for the blessings our Creator gives y'all!