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General News · 23rd May 2018
Colin Funk
What did it take for this amazing outcome?

When three non-profits come together with open minds and hearts, fueled by one major donor/loaner, many committed volunteers, a couple of visionaries, and quite a few sleepless nights, the unbelievable can (and did) actually occur!

On April 30/2018, the Cortes Island Business & Tourism Association (CIBATA) officially became the new owner of the 2.6 acre commercially zoned lot located at 785 Sutil Point Road in Mansonís Landing, between Mansonís Hall & the old bank building. See map below.

CIBATA wishes to wholeheartedly thank the Housing Committee of the Cortes Island Seniors Society (CISS) and the Cortes Island Foundation (CIF) for facilitating and enabling us to purchase the 2.6 acre commercially zoned property. Since CIBATA is a non-profit association that encourages and supports local economic development, the CISS Housing Committee helped secure a local loan and directed those funds to us. Together we have secured community ownership of this centrally located commercial lot. This has been a collaborative dance at its very best.

All three non-profits involved in making this a reality (CIBATA, CIF, CISS) share a vision of creating community oriented economic development and social enterprise in this space, to complement and enhance what is already so utilized and enjoyed in the centre of Mansonís: the hall, book store, the cafť, the co-op and market.

We look forward to helping integrate these strategically located lands into the village core by participating in the upcoming community design workshops and neighbourhood planning. The goal is to connect this downtown business area to the adjacent 51 acres of residentially zoned land owned by the Cortes Island Seniors Society (CISS) for the creation of more affordable housing.

These two land purchases give rise to the potential for pedestrian and bike links to community services like the hall, school, medical center, museum and general stores.

Whether you run a business or dream of doing so, whether you are a neighbour or someone who visits the downtown at Mansonís to shop, collect mail, visit with friends at the cafť, or attend an event at the hall, you are welcome to help envision this new potential community asset. Your participation is both needed and welcomed.

Colin Funk, CIBATA President,
in collaboration with:
David Rousseau, CIF President,
Sue Ellingsen, CISS President,
Property Map - please post at bottom
Property Map - please post at bottom