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General News · 17th May 2018
sabina leader mense

FOCI has launched their Species at Risk Citizen Science Program on Cortes Island and EVERYONE is invited to participate!
This poster, describing 16 of our local species at risk, is posted throughout the community for your reference.
When you observe one of these species, please report what you see to the FOCI office at 0087 or send an e-mail to

Please include this information:
1. the name and number of species observed
2. the date, time and location of your observation
3. your contact name and number
A photo is a bonus!

Every sighting is important and together, as a community, we can make a big difference in monitoring our species at risk!
FOCI will be collating your observations and passing them on to the Ministry of Environment's Conservation Data Center in Victoria.

Your participation and observations support the strong voice British Columbians are sending to support species at risk legislation for BC... the only province in Canada without legal protection for its species at risk!

Our migrant species are arriving daily... the barn swallows have just returned and are nesting at Linnaea Farm, the first band-tailed pigeons are cooing on the south end and the herons are nesting!

The great blue heron is our 2018 highlighted species at risk. When you report nesting heron activity to the FOCI office, we have a field team to confirm your observations and monitor the nestlings through to fledging. FOCI is working together with the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations 's species at risk biologists to address the critical declines observed in heron productivity in coastal BC.

Report what you see; every observation is important!
Thank you for your participation!
Here's a list of the names of the species on the poster
Comment by Brittany Baxter on 22nd May 2018
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
1. Western Toad
2. Sooty Grouse
3. Barn Swallow
4. Western Screech Owl
5. Silver Spotted Skipper
6. Northern Red-Legged Frog
7. Caspian Tern
8. Coastal Cutthroat Trout
9. Threaded Veritgo
10. Northern Pygmy Owl
11. Blue Dasher
12. Great Blue Heron
13. Northern Goshawk
14. Townsend's Big Eared Bat
15. Common Nighthawk
16. Pacific Sideband Snail

This poster is up around town for closer inspection - at the Museum, at Wild Cortes, and at FOCI, and on the community poster boards!
Would love to help but -
Comment by Nikie on 22nd May 2018
Would it be possible to post a list of the names of these species, or perhaps a focused picture? I have not encountered this poster and am having difficulty making out a lot of the details with the photo in the article.