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General News · 12th May 2018
Victor Van Buskirk
Thanks to all those who came out of their gardens, off their boats, away from the beach, put down projects, left company at home or quit work early, etc. to celebrate the life, love and laughter of Paul Brewer.

Great Gratitude to David and Darsi for putting such a special afternoon together with the help of many friends.

This poem below is just my way of saying I love you Paul and wish I had said, and more importantly, acted on it more often.

Tickling Mystery

A feather fell from a ravenís nest
fifty feet above the path,
landing in salal a little west
of where last he made me laugh

As it shimmered black against the green
in this March moonís waxing light,
I thought of where we both had been,
felt his playful presence in the night

Touched deeply I looked into the trees
their branches framing celestial glowing
his radiant nature brought us so much ease
his kinetic kindness, wise and ever flowing

Wisdom dances beyond intelligence
like a wave breaking free of the sea
depositing delights of relevance
on the shores that tickle mystery

His gifts so well spoken of today
letís remember them beyond tomorrow
My last memory of him I must say
was not good and brings me sorrow

I stepped towards that fallen feather
and seeing it somewhat tattered
I saw how my emotional weather
had undermined what really mattered

Yes our friendship I am speaking of
the one I let slide too long
this brilliant man with a lionís love
never knew I took his words wrong

So moments of distance turned into years
because I was too proud to share
those feelings fed by life long fears
those thoughts not approached by Prayer

Grief is like a raging storm for some
for others itís no more than a cloud
It gets complicated if one is more numb
or if your pain is just not allowed

Oneís own truth becomes relative really
when placed next to that of Creator
so much we call love is touchy feely
so little of it grows to be greater

Paul wasnít big on new age pondering
he had a penchant for practicality
not that his mind wasnít often wandering
he was just more drawn to actuality

My first memory of Brother Brewer
is about as gentle as it gets
who says older doesnít get newer
when love truly transcends regrets

Helping his beloved grow her dreams
in the most precious garden of now
Their workshops brought together streams
of consciousness to spiritually endow

The passionate seeker with the gift of insight
or something else they might be after
As one of those folks trying to get life right
Paul shared his language of laughter

Something else I heard I forgot to heed
and only recently did I remember
if self love I do not feed
my inner flame can shrink to an ember

Perhaps others forget that message too
itís really not for me to say
but it is for all of us not just the few
to make love to the light of the day

That light of day elsewhere on earth
means the dark of night right here
finding myself on this path from birth
grateful to have that feather appear

I never walked in his shoes nor he in mine
but when the four of them found themselves free
they didnít worry about defining the divine
they simply stepped into another reality

Thank you my friend for the wonder of your graces
may I gain a sparkling semblance of the same
While your ashes will surely bless your sacred places
Itís your precious heart that will spread love in your name

V Van B

May 12, 2018
From the Heart
Comment by daniel on 15th May 2018
A heartfelt offering of grace to somebody special. Wonderful you can find the words to express it. Thank you
So beautiful...
Comment by Ester on 13th May 2018
Thanks for sharing...