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General News · 19th April 2018
Tanya Henck
The purple ribbon is a unifying symbol of courage, survival, honor and dedication to ending domestic violence. In addition to the demonstration of support for victims, survivors and advocates, the display of purple ribbons throughout a community conveys a powerful message that there's no place for domestic violence in the homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces or schools of its citizens.

You can pick up your purple ribbon (for free) at The Gorge Store, The Cortes Co-op and Squirrel Cove Store. You can also make your own or put one out on the road, around your car antenna....

Over the last decade I have seen very little change in people's perspectives regarding protection of women and children on the island. As a community we seem at a loss to know what to do, but domestic violence is a community issue. I've heard Cortesians say "we protect our own". I'd like to see that happen. All individuals need support and there is something that we can all do. Let's start conversations. Let's start supporting one another.

Cortes Island has safe homes available on island for women and children fleeing abuse. Not just physical abuse, but emotional and psychological abuse as well. The Ann Elmore House provides counselling support to Cortes and can help direct you to the safe houses. Their number is (250) 286-3666. You don't have to be in an emergency to call them for help or support.

If you can provide temporary space (can be as short or long as is reasonable for you... just one night or more... perhaps you have a home that stays empty most of the winter....) for a woman OR mother and her children please contact The Ann Elmore House to discuss if this could be a good decision for you.
Great idea
Comment by Nikie on 23rd April 2018
And thank you for the quote from Shahida Arabi - it's about time we allowed ourselves to think about it this way.
Thank you.
Comment by Jennifer Wilson on 21st April 2018
This is such an important factor. Silencing, whispering and not believing folks in abusive situations is a common reaction. It is good to know that there are safe houses on island but, also - important for all of us to look at ways to bring the community together to create a safe space and non- judgmental view on it. We all live such different lives and often our own past trauma can inform how we respond to others who speak up about abuse. Often we will be silent or side with the abuser. I believe the more we open up the silence, the better. Healing eachother with friends, counselling, community and love.
Yes to feeling free to talk about it
Comment by sonya friesen on 20th April 2018
Thankyou Tanya , so important to be able to share what no one wants to talk about . When you can things can improve for the both victims and abusers , or in the least affects positive change for the future ones.