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Beginning of a new exhibit in the Cortes Island Museum.
General News · 1st April 2018
Come and see our new installation, recently completed at the Museum, 957 Beasley Road.  We would love you to submit suggestions or contribute items to this new exhibit.

Christian Gronau (geologist, blogger, our Museum member and curator of past exhibits) just finished a Curiosity Cabinet, filled with a great variety of items, from mysterious natural history specimens to strange human artifacts. And this is just a preview of things to come!

By September of 2018, the Cortes Museum plans to expand this exhibit with the theme of Cabinets of Curiosities or Wunderkammern (wonder-rooms).

Numerous versions of these old-fashioned spaces in the past eventually evolved into modern museums.

It could be said “Curiosity as a value in itself" was the idea at the beginning of the Renaissance and Europe’s slow emergence from the Dark Ages. The new Cortes Museum theme wants to revitalize this concept: let's see what happens when interest in the world is wide-flung, and studies are allowed to be general and learning remains unbiased.

True adventures can only be had by random wanderings through the Universe and unprejudiced curiosity in everything.

Please contact the Museum by phone 250-935-6340 or email with your suggestions about the new exhibit, items you would like to contribute to the exhibit, or if you have a glass-doored cabinet suitable for this new exhibit you would be willing to loan to the Museum for about a year.
 Ritratto Museo Ferrante Impera
Ritratto Museo Ferrante Impera