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General News · 29th March 2018
John Mottishaw
A sprig of over-winter rosemary was home to these three ticks. I saw some on an earlier picking and wonder if ticks are particularly attracted to rosemary or if this is going to be a bad tick season.
Comment by Jenny Magenta on 2nd April 2018
If you find any more (alive) - you can put them in a wee jar w some moist paper or cotton ball and bring them to the Cortes Health Centre for testing. They want to see if Lyme is happening this year.
About ticks..
Comment by Wendy L. on 31st March 2018
Two informative source links :

The Cortes Health Center 2017

B.C. Government
Comment by Shirley A. on 29th March 2018
According to the internet rosemary REPELS ticks and fleas... so much for that I guess...