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General News · 19th March 2018
david drysdale
It is with great sadness that we inform you of Paul Brewer’s passing on March 16th, 2018. Paul was born in England in 1945 and arrived in Canada when he was 3.

His career began as a high profile lawyer in Toronto, Ontario, and his position quickly ascended to trial lawyer to the surprise of his team. From there he moved to Rhinebeck, NY where he was offered a green card which allowed him to produce workshops at the Omega Institute. There he used his skills in service to teachers offering different healing modalities to thousands. Coming to Cortes with his new partner Darsi, he worked for a short time at Hollyhock. Soon after they both began offering art and spirit intensives to the community, and Paul took on a new role, that of mentor and guide.

Paul’s love of the Cortes community and how he served it was an inspiration. In his fifties, he surprised everyone again by beginning training with the ambulance. He eventually became a paramedic and served with the ambulance crew for 13 years, taking on the role of acting crew chief, while also representing the ambulance on several committees.
He was a great supporter of the team, loving the people and the work.

He also served on many boards on Cortes that contributed to the well-being of the community, and was known for his integrity and determination to support the community in whatever way he could. His humour was legendary. He used it to lighten life for many, and took delight in listening and offering guidance when needed.

Paul was a dear and true friend and will be greatly missed. Please join us in May (dated to be confirmed) for a Celebration of Life Ceremony in honour of this man who lived big and loved well.

Darsi and David.
So sad to learn of Paul's passing
Comment by Deborah (Bickerton) Nikifortch on 28th January 2019
For some reason, I felt compelled today to try to locate the boy who lived next door to me when I was young. He was always smiling and laughing, and used to call me "Shorty." I really liked the guy...and I adored his brother, Richard, too. The last I'd heard of him, he was a lawyer in Toronto. I was absolutely floored to find this notice of Paul Brewer's death. Paul was one of the nicest, kindest people you'd ever want to meet. I'm laughing that this note indicates his first career as a lawyer. Before he went to law school, he was a forest ranger! No wonder he ended up in BC! What is oddly coincidental about learning of where Paul ultimately decided to live is that I was supposed to visit Cortes Island in 2016 to see Rupert Sheldrake at Hollyhock, but I had to cancel my trip. If I'd been able to make it there, I might have seen Paul one last time! My deepest condolences to Darsi who, I'm sure, is heartbroken.
Never really gone...
Comment by Amanda Glickman on 24th March 2018
One thing I've learned about death is that people are never truly gone so long as we remember them. Paul was/is one of those special people who could brighten a room with his smile. His sense of humour always being contagious... I'll always laugh when I think of him and Nathaniel as "Interference and Suppression" during our ham classes...
Reflection bay days
Comment by Esther and Christopher on 24th March 2018
Paul and Darsi brought their delicate and caring attention to Reflection bay with dedication and a sense of spiritual responsibility that was a statement about their vision of their role in life. It was during his stay on our property that Paul became the paramedic so many people came to appreciate. He reinvented himself over and over and is an inspiration for many of us.
We wish him a peaceful transition. His memory is alive in our hearts.
Esther and Christopher
Comment by Julia Rendall on 22nd March 2018
I will miss him hugely, he gave so much of himself to both community and friends
A good man.
Comment by Ian Ross on 22nd March 2018
Paul was, quite simply, a good man who had the gift of shedding light wherever he went. He will be well remembered and truly missed. Fare well, Paul.
Paul will be Remembered
Comment by Lovena on 21st March 2018
With a smile and tender heart.
I'm sorry to all Paul's friends and family for this great loss, he will be missed.
A good man has left us
Comment by Peter Jackel on 20th March 2018
Paul, you had the gift of laughter and you lived with your heart. You brightened the lives of many. You were big with goodness. Many, I among them, will miss your presence.
A Great Person
Comment by Chris Dragseth on 20th March 2018
My connections with Paul was through the Cortes Island Emergency Support Services (ESS) Team. Paul was a valued member. He always was open to new ideas and fully supported our Team both as an Ambulance member, but as a Team member. We will miss his extraordinary sense of humour. He made our meetings fun with never an opportunity missed to make a serious subject light, but in a respectful manner. We will miss you Paul and that twinkle in your eye!!!

One hell of a guy
Comment by Jason (JT) on 20th March 2018
Unfortunately, my friendship with Paul extended no further than witty till clerk and hilarious, sarcastic customer. When I would see Paul's van pulling into the parking lot, I was instantly elated. I knew the next 10 minutes were going to make my guts hurt from laughing. I have known quick wit my whole life and Paul was by far the quickest. There is so much more there that I wish I knew. The same could be said about all those that pass. Please keep us informed of any services so we can pay the respects he deserved. Thanks David and thank you to all that were close to him and helped him before, during and after his reaching the next level.