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General News · 3rd March 2018
Yvonne Kipp
One of the positive reasons I love living on this Island is the Recycling Centre. A trip to the Free Store, where there is a constant flow of treasures for all ages, can be a minor miracle.

The marvelous group of women who Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday open the door at 9:00 am and welcome, sort, invite, encourage, show, arrange, collect, tidy, items of men's and women's clothing, books, children's toys, kitchen stuff, all manner of glitter and shining things, fabrics from far off lands, boots and shoes for all kinds of weather, toileteries, games, you name it and it will be found sooner or later at The Free Store.

Hundreds of items are sorted, smoothed and placed where they can be seen to their best advantage over the four days that volunteers keep this brilliant place alive. Unique anywhere. The doors are opened and the people pour in. It is like a fantasy world for little ones and when I find something great to wear my day is made. Mostly women work there, steady and loyal, now they would like some more of you to join them. Men, young ones, give it a try!

Remember these women when you put together 'stuff' to donate; remember them and wash the clothes and check that the items are in good order.

The whole property of The Recycling Centre is alive. There is life there - materials, machines are rapidly recycled, fabulous pieces of metal just the right size, bicycles and tires to be reassigned new purpose. So much praise and gratitude to the hardworking Staff led by Brian, Tasha and Wendy there, ready with a smile, a kind word, helpful with glass and cardboard and so many of the things from home that we want to let go of and the Recycling Centre catches it.

Give praise and well done.

Yvonne Kipp

Recycle Center
Comment by Nancy on 11th March 2018
Thank you to Yvonne & our Wonderful Free Store & Recycle Team ! You are Supercalafragalisticexpealidoshus!!!
Thanks Yvonne
Comment by Jean on 4th March 2018
How beautifully said. Thanks for saying it for us, Yvonne!
imagine all the stuff that gets thrown out in the city
Comment by Mike malek on 4th March 2018
the free store is good for the environment and pocket book. If you ever go to Hornby Island they have a massive free store. all thumbs up to RRR.
You said it so well, Yvonne!
Comment by Dana Solomon on 4th March 2018
Thank you!