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General News · 19th February 2018
Mae Sherwood
I am dismayed by what is happening at the Whaletown Community Club. Newcomers to the community seem intent on butting in without any background knowledge of the Club. Also, a small group of long term residents, who can well afford a small yearly tax are still making mischief. So what is their motive?
Volunteers have been running the Club for years and thanks to them we have had a well-run Club. However, costs are increasing and it is difficult to make enough money by selling salads, pies and plants. Concerts and dances don't bring in enough money.
I volunteered for 20 years, because I enjoyed it, but it was always a worry if we would have enough money for expenses, even with a grant from the Gaming Commission.
So, all you rabble rousers, what exactly is your objection to having a small yearly tax? Have you given it much thought, or are you opposed ... just because!