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General News · 25th January 2018
Noba Anderson
Calling all people interested in taking action on local transportation matters.

The final results of the Cortes Island Transportation Study will be presented by Max Thaysen and Kate Maddigan along with their action recommendations.

Although this study was funded by the Strathcona Regional District Gas Tax fund, we cannot fund and action the suggested recommendations ourselves without a local tax service... so the implementation for now will lie with the community. I will support in any way I can, and Gas Tax funds can support some specific projects, but the leadership will need to be local.

Come hear what has been learned, what is being recommended and be part of actioning change!

Join us Friday, February 2 from 2-4 in the Pioneer Room at Manson's Hall.

Child care provided for kids aged 3 and up.

The meeting will include:
-A summary of the findings and prioritized recommendations
-Your feedback + Q&A
-Discussion of next steps

The Transportation Demand Study included data collected from resident and visitor surveys. There were 292 full-time Cortes residents accounted for in 150 submitted surveys, and 650 visitors were represented in 224 visitor submitted surveys.

To read the study , find it attached to this article.

For more information contact
Kate Maddigan

Sponsored by Regional Director Noba Anderson
Ox carts and Robin Hood
Comment by Jack Wills on 25th January 2018
Ok Max, I had a look at your link. It is primarily concerned with 2 subjects...........

Urban Transportation and Income Redistribution.

Again, we are Rural with all that implies: low population, low income, low population density.
Add to that a generally very rugged terrain.

The second part might be better addressed to the denizens of Bay and Wall Streets. Most of us here already live below the official poverty line and many are on a low fixed income. We do not have the money for all these niceties. Grants? Volunteer drivers? Ask the SCCA or WCC. They will tell you grants are hard to get and unreliable. Volunteers are an increasingly vanishing breed.
Great questions.
Comment by Max Thaysen on 24th January 2018
Regarding concerns raised --- yes those are important thoughts that we've considered and I'm sure we agree. This isn't the best space to have a conversation, though. Everyone is invited to get in touch with us by email, phone, or come out to the meeting.

Extra homework for keeners:
Read about equity
Agree with Jack
Comment by Patricia leRoux on 23rd January 2018
This survey must have been yet another useless grant Great job producing 171 pages to report what 10% of the population thought about the whole thing. Please stop promoting bikes for Cortes. Bike groups come here to challenge themselves for Extreme Biking! It is not at all a suitable island for bikes. Where do you put the groceries? The kids? The Cello? There are some useful ideas but we have had those ideas for many years. No one can afford to operate a bus or taxi here. We don't need to spend a bunch of money so tourists can re-charge their electric vehicles. Please concentrate on the needs of island residents and essential services like the food trucks.
Cost effective?
Comment by Jack Wills on 19th January 2018
A fine 171 page survey. The authors did a good job of identifying the financials. Go to pages 50 & 51 for some of the costs. Widening JUST the 15km road for a bike path from the ferry terminal to Manson's Landing (at a stated cost of $500 per meter) would cost 7.5 million dollars. Off street paths at a stated cost of $100 per meter......that's $100,000 per kilometer. Then afterwards, this would have to be maintained at an extra cost. We have a TOTAL population of about 1000 souls, adults and children. This is a rural area, We cannot expect urban amenities.
The likely outcome is to have more study groups such as the TDM study at $10,000 per year and a Travel Enhancement Study ,,, $20,000.
Did we really need a study to tell us that we cannot afford this?