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General News · 8th January 2018
Mike Manson
For the past three, four, five months we have been following the misadventures of the runaway Shetland sheep. They have managed to traverse most of the island roads, covering at least 40 kms. Perhaps more telling is that they have survived predation from wolves and cougars. Yesterday the sheep were successfully captured and relocated to a secure pasture where they are expected to find a permanent home. Thanks to all and especially to Joy for her perserverance in finding these boys a home.
Comment by Jenny Magenta on 15th February 2018
I remember when they turned up by the Wilcox cabin when I was living there in the summer/fall. I love the map! Great to hear they have a home now.
How big a herd is this and what kind of sheep?
Comment by Heather Bruce on 14th January 2018
I just read the emails posted on the sheep escapes and saw the little map. I had to laugh...and then I noticed that it seems like these are different sheep in the video than are in the photograph. Last month, I thought one had gone missing and now it sounds like there are 3 again...but maybe there are a couple of mini herds running around? Am I gathering now that they are NOT rams? I'd heard before that one or more of them were due to lamb...?
Not boys
Comment by Don Tennant on 10th January 2018
I know the sheep have horns, but with this breed, Shetland, the females are horned too. You can tell the girls by the way the horns grow away from the skull. Males have curls that come towards the skull.
Sheep can be killed by dogs, wolves, cougars, bears, so no, they aren’t better off unconfined. Unconfined they are nought but a wolf snack.
? sheep ?
Comment by Susan Robertson on 10th January 2018
How many sheep ARE there out there?
The Northern Leg...
Comment by Richard Lawton on 9th January 2018
The two rams arrived at Von Donop from the direction of Bluejay Lake, looked at me and then at each other, decided I was not hostile and munched some grass before cautiously walking by. Last seen heading towards Squirrel Cove.

I hope that a "secure" location doesn't translate to confinement. Apart from the danger of wolves and cougar, little could be more natural and harmonious than those two wandering freely among us...
Sheep on Robertson Rd
Comment by Katz on 9th January 2018
Here is a video of the sheep on Robertson Rd
Hark, a sign!
Comment by Wendy L on 8th January 2018

Is that a cross I see etched into the rock?
Sheep on Robertson Rd
Comment by Katz on 8th January 2018
Here is a video of the sheep on Robertson Rd
Comment by Katz on 8th January 2018
The three that were on Robertson Rd this summer didn’t have horns.
They went farther
Comment by Peter schmid on 8th January 2018
Hi all Cec & Christine saw them on the beach in Whaletown
3rd or 4th sheep
Comment by Susan Robertson on 8th January 2018
What about the one still in the Robertson Road area? Thank you to the many people who helped along the way.
finding stable housing on this island is difficult
Comment by Mike malek on 8th January 2018
what a great story free ranging. They are probably not as dumb as we think.
Comment by Gary Fast on 8th January 2018
Good to hear that their escapades have a (hopefully) happy ending. Thanks for letting us know. They were quite the adventurers!