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cartoon by Anne Wilkerson Allen
General News · 4th January 2018
So I started this notice at Christmas time, then I changed it to “As 2017 comes to an end” and now it has become a Happy New Year note. If I don’t hurry up finishing it, I can’t even say that anymore! There is always so much I want to share. I never know where to start and where to end, so here it goes...

I cannot help but think about the beautiful people we lost this year that made Cortes home. It was a privilege to have known them, to cross their path, to learn from them, laugh with them and now go forward with something meaningful and positive with them in our memory. How they tried to change things for the better, believed in being truthful and that you always have to start with yourself.

I am thankful for the people in my life that ignite discussion, that are willing to have a good debate. That agree to disagree and find common ground. That try hard to understand where I come from, as I am trying really hard to do the same. To realize that there is a solution if we want there to be one, we just have to work hard to get there. I takes time, conversations & ideas. A big Thank You to those of you who write into the Tideline with your opinion, while staying respectful and caring about our community as well as the people that wrote in and worked together with me to edit their article so it fit the guidelines. You all inspire me.

This year we counted 264,564 visits which is a huge amount of traffic for such a small community. We would not be running the way we are without our sponsors. Without their support the Tideline would not get the time and energy it gets and it makes me happy to see the business pages are used well. Please support our sponsors, they make it happen together with your donations, thank you!

We had so many great community events again; popular Seafest, excellent concerts & dance parties, lots of gatherings, workshops, classes, fundraisers, Cortes Day, Sandcastle Day, Halloween, another Christmas dinner, spectacular fireworks and another successful season at the Schoolhouse Gallery.

There was an amazing amount of classifieds submitted this year as well, the treasures you found, produce sold, connections made, markets visited, lost keys and dogs returned to their owners. Every year there are so many items sold, borrowed and shared, workshops attended, thanks to people submitting ads.

Beautiful photos were submitted to our gallery of sun, snow, willdlife and fun moments. (Steve Musial continues to keep you entertained with photos of Cortes Island on our facebook page. Check us out if you have not done so yet, you don't need your own fb account to view it as it is open to the public.)

The Tideline gets checked and updated twice a day. If you submitted an ad and don't see it right away, please wait at least 12 hours before emailing. You probably just missed an editing round. If you still don't see your ad: did you forget to include your contact info? If so, it won't be posted. Email or phone number is required as well as your name. (no, not just your initials) Or maybe it was an article not related to Cortes Island, items for sale in Campbell River or an event in Parksville. All those ads/submissions won’t make it as it is a Cortes Community Website for Cortes content.

Can’t see the classifieds? 99.9% chance you have Adblocker installed and need to add our url to the list so we won’t get blocked.

Bouquets of tulips to everyone that sent me a nice note, a card in the mail, a donation or a thank you on the ferry. It matters a lot and it keeps me going.

I wish you a very special 2018. May it be filled with many special moments here on Cortes with your friends, family, neighbours and visitors. I hope the year will be everything you hoped for and some more.

Thank you Ester
Comment by Carole on 8th January 2018
Ester...the biggest thanks should go to you. You keep us connected, informed, educated and inspired.
Wishing you a wonderful 2018.
Carole & Earl Davidson