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General News · 3rd January 2018
Sonya Friesen
Happy 2018, I hope our transportation options take a great leap forward this year. First is hoping for a return to service of the Cortes Connection, a very important part of momentum in the right direction. I'm sure the very high costs of meeting transport regulations, licensing, safety inspections, insurance, paid drivers etc. make for a difficult business to operate. As to those of us promoting cortes ridesharing we remind riders to look first to the Cortes connection or the Island link bus for scheduled, on time, safe, friendly rides.

A few facts about cortes ridesharing.

The current will as Ester mentioned no longer link /post to the cortes We again thank Ester for her ongoing volunteer time and passion towards creating solutions for community transportation. You can still use the site if you wish as it will still post within its own system and notify potential offered / needed as usual between users. This kootenay rideshare network will also connect you to shared rides in other BC communities that have linked community nodes. They have expanded to over 15 communities. This is a grass roots effort created and promoted by the West Kootenay eco-society, a solid non-profit community group we are very pleased to work with.

In 2014 the older version of the site was purchased (Island carshare co-op) and Ester Strijbos, Shane Nelson generously adapted to link to tideline. They also volunteered even more time to adapt the new 2017 version. We are also very thankful for $1,500 from Regional grant in aid funds to help cover some of the direct costs associated with the site. In my opinion this 2014 version of the site worked the best as it did not require joining, or sign in, we even programmed cortes roads into the on island drop down menu choice. But the older site did not have the ability for mobile ph screen access, facebook link allowing for real time ride connections on route and the future is heading this way.

Prior to 2014 rides were mostly posted direct to the tideline page and some rarely posted rides on the even older rideshare board (not linked to tideline but the butten was on the main page) provided by Adam Mckenty and Cortes food co-op.

As we now revisit this yet again, what direction should we take? Please leave comments here below or send emails to Let us know if you got rides from your tideline rideshare posts old or new etc. Please remember ride-sharing is sharing your ride because you are already heading that direction and you may offer that ride for free or ask for funds to share costs only it is NOT ride-hailing like Uber, Lyft, taxi cabs etc. which includes paid driver and company profit. A tricky but very important difference for a multitude of reason's.

Why Island carshare co-op is involved in promoting ride-sharing is we see potential for one day shared ownership of a few vehicles that rotate around the island between designated parking hubs that members as drivers can share ride costs with riders. If we do leap forward and some day Cortes or Quadra have daily small bus service which is what the future really needs! than this carsharing/ridesharing will be a valuable part of the solution towards promoting increased bus rider-ship.