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by Collin Dow
General News · 2nd January 2018
Now that the Cortes connection is out of service until further notice, the rides will be back on the Tideline notice board.* (in Classifieds > Notices, Workshops & Rides)

In the past this was a very time consuming component for the Tideline because it was on the calendar and people would not delete the ride when they found one, so it would sit at the top forever if they set if for 10 days. Lots of people complained about that, so when the Cortes Rideshare was interested in separating it so it could be shared elsewhere and be mobile friendly too, I was all for it as it would still be visible on our site but not clog up the system.

This has not saved any time or complaints, as lots of people don’t know how to use it, don't like it, or have trouble with it and end up posting it on the Tideline. As a result, I email them directing them to the Rideshare page, they email me it's not working for them etc etc.

The Cortes Island Carshare Co-op has been working hard to make it work for everyone and I really want to support them especially in the long term as they have lots of plans. But with the Connection not running, I feel there is a big gap for islanders that cannot use that system so for now we'll bring them back into the Classifieds and see how it goes.

*So please: when you find a ride or if the day passed, take the time to DELETE it.

Thank you!

Currently menu includes also ,Cortes bay, squirrel cove
Comment by Sonya friesen on 8th January 2018
Yes drop down menu with more locations like seaford, hollyhock, etc was the plan. On the initial site we worked the menu to include roads, which was helpful, but it also came with roads for everywhere google maps, etc. Unfortunately this updated site drop down menu seems to only include towns, so just the 4 locations on island, and of course all off island destination towns. Most users though can include for now specifics of location in the message info. We hope to work towards simplifying usage with the Kootenay Developer of the site.
it lacked the subtleties of location like gorge, hollyhock
Comment by Mike malek on 6th January 2018
the only locations were whaletown and mansons. if you wanted a ride to an event on island if would be nice to say from where you want to be picked up.
Yes to computer skills help
Comment by Sonya friesen on 6th January 2018
We hope to offer time towards this either with literacy now or another option, however we agree there are some frustrating sign issues and etc with the site. We will talk with the developer on this.
Difficulty with previous site?
Comment by Max thaysen on 5th January 2018
I wonder if some troubles could be addressed by the computer literacy courses that are offered in the community...
Thank you Ester
Comment by Patricia leRoux on 3rd January 2018
I also hope that something can be worked out. The last and only ride that came to me in response to the Ride Needed listing charged me $35.00 one way. Such a shame to misuse something that tries to be community friendly. You are SO appreciated.
Comment by Mike malek on 2nd January 2018
Yep right small town stuff
Thank You!
Comment by Sean Coyote on 2nd January 2018
Thanks Ester! Maybe we'll actually be able to find rides again...... cheers!