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General News · 21st December 2017
Gabriel Dinim
Before the ferry arrived on Cortes in 1969 and better roads were laid, there were 4 Post Offices on Cortes Island serving communities mostly accessible by boat.
This speaks of isolation and interdependence.
Island news and gossip have a way to circulate despite relative isolation, and they form an outline of an island community and that outline gradually gets filled with the life of the community and its myriad needs.
At a certain level of richness and complexity information sharing becomes a game of unpin the notice on the board to replace it with this more vital one.
I have lived in communities that offer a monthly paper to capture the life of the community and present it in an orderly fashion.
A month is a long time in a vital community, and much detail, still relevant, falls off the page because of timing. A monthly information piece cannot properly hold all the various needs and expressions of a community especially when it has the complex shape and varied demographics of this island.
To serve a community properly, you need a source of information that can take information daily and make it available daily.
A source of information able to match the outline of the community and hold all of its content, in a kind and respectful manner.
In other words you need Ester.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound appreciation.
I encourage you, who reads the Tideline, to do the same on occasion.
It is more than a service, it is the glue.
Thank you, Ester!
Comment by gina on 29th December 2017
Yes, this is a great service!
well said Gabriel
Comment by De Clarke on 23rd December 2017
I couldn't have put it better. Many thanks and a very merry Christmas to Ester!
Comment by Sonya Friesen on 22nd December 2017
thankyou Ester , the glue is free to stretch, but sticky and holding strong.
Even better
Comment by Ian Ross on 22nd December 2017
Thanks, Gabriel, for your good words about Ester and the Tidelines. Something we might think of, too, that would be as worthwhile as thanking her, I think, would be contributing to her keep in the way of cash to keep her fed & clothed & housed while she does this huge community thing she does. We used to buy (when they still came here to Cortes) the newspaper; this option gone (and a better one already here, certainly in terms of “real, meaningful” news), we’ve switched to buying Tidelines (at least, that is, sending in a cheque for some few shekels every year).
Thank you
Comment by Donna Manson on 22nd December 2017
Thank you Gabriel for acknowleging all the hard work that Ester puts into the Tideline for us to benefit from. Thank you Ester you are the best .
Appreciation to Ester
Comment by Andy Vine on 22nd December 2017
Thanks Gabriel for expressing so well the debt of gratitude we all owe to Ester for keeping the Tideline a vital part of our community!
Well said!
Comment by Patricia leRoux on 21st December 2017
People comment all the time what a wonderful community resource Tideline is and the great job that Ester does with it. Your post is well written and I heartily agree. Thank you Ester.
Right On, Gabriel
Comment by Peter Jackel on 21st December 2017
I always tell people from elsewhere that they should read Tideline if they want to know about Cortes. I haven't seen anything to match it from elsewhere. It keeps us up to date in so many ways, is accessible to all and informs in so many ways. It is the positive, neighbourly spirit of Cortes made manifest.
Comment by Ester on 21st December 2017
Thanks Gabriel!