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General News · 19th December 2017
Danilo Filippin
It is with deep sadness the I announce that Paola Filippin passed away peacefully at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria as the sun rose on December 13, 2017. Paola was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago and outlived all expectations given her diagnosis. She maintained her trademark stubbornness and independence to the very end.

Paola and myself first saw Cortes more than 35 yers ago and quickly fell in love with the island. Paola and I moved to the island and lived on Cortes full time from 2003 until 2016, when Paola's health needs made continued full time living on the Island untenable. While on the island Paola took an active role in the community: she taught pre-school for several years, took an interest in community health affairs and participated in the implementation of several programs benefitting the children of the island. Paola was a passionate gardener, quilter, mushroom hunter, knitter, occasional potter and an unrepentant seed and plant cutting pilferer, all while keeping me in line and on task. Paole was a wonderful person and she will be missed by all of us. She is survived by myself, her son Marco and grandchildren both genetic and adopted.

There will be a service for Paola in Victoria at 2:00 PM on December 28th at First Memorial Funeral services 4725 Falaise Dr. Victoria (next to the Royal Oak Burial Park). A separate celebration of life is being planned for Cortes Island in the near future.
A special lady
Comment by Bernice on 29th December 2017
Paola was a very special lady, always ready with a laugh. She gave so much to this community. My thoughts are with you and your family Dani.
Figs and laughter
Comment by Leslie Mack-Mumford on 21st December 2017
Our family is sending lots of LOVE to you Danny, our deepest condolences for your family. We will always remember Paula as an exceptional inspiration at play school, what a foundation! Also her generosity and laughter will stay with us.
Wonderful sense of humour
Comment by Paul Kirmmse on 20th December 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed serving on the CCHA board with Paola. She was a very competent, friendly board member with a wonderful sense of humour. She will be missed.
A Tireless Life with Meaning
Comment by Jason on 19th December 2017
IN 1966, Paola left her home in Europe as a poor, young girl with no English, and little education, to work in New York. She took a job offer with no prospects, thousands of miles from home so that she could send back money to her family and help them survive the loss of their father and a life of poverty in post-war Italy.
She sacrificed much to raise younger siblings, and chose duty over education and opportunity.
Paola's determination was evident from an early age: she was raised speaking Romanisch, then
when needs must, learned Venetian when her family moved, eventually learning Italian -all the time mastering new skills such as knitting a fine woollen sweater to sell in the best outfitter in town, sewing her own clothes, eviscerating a chicken, and growing a garden to feed a family. Paola rolled up her sleeves and dealt with the demands of every new situation, all before 18 years of age. 65 years later she was still able to generously share these amazing skills with me, and others who were interested.
When she arrived in New York Paola was barely 20, but immediately started to learned English to fulfill a dream to attend university, simultaneously learning Lithuanian to improve the life of her employer's aged grandmother who spoke little English, and had grown isolated, away from the "old country".
After mentoring and nurturing hundreds of young people in Canada, Paola retired from pre-school education 10 years ago, having achieved a Prime Ministerial Award for her contribution. She went on to became our Lily's 'Island Grandmother', loving her unconditionally from the first few months of Lily's life. Without hesitation Paola lovingly integrating Lily with her two 'mainland' grandchildren.
Lily, and many other young people, could have no better role model for learning the power of determination, love, self-discipline and addressing the needs of others.
Our whole family feels privileged to have known Paola and Danilo, and to have gained so much love and wisdom from Paola's presence in our lives.
Paola - we will miss you more than words can say.
Sad time
Comment by Peter Jackel on 19th December 2017
This is a sad time for you, Danny, but you did get to share your life with Paola and she was a good woman to share a life with. The pain will lessen, the memories deepen.
My condolences
Comment by Josée Gagnon on 19th December 2017
So much love and care she gave to our children at playschool. I spent much time with her and it was beautiful, I learned so much from her♡
Love to you and your family Danny
Comment by Lovena on 19th December 2017
Paola will be missed by us all. She is remembered fondly as the kind play school teacher of many of our children and an avid gardener who grew the best raddichio outside of Italy! The Harvey family sends you much love.
RIP Paola
Comment by Bertha Jeffery on 19th December 2017
Paola was a wonderful person and a great asset to our community. She will be missed. RIP Paola. Condolences to you and your family Danny.
Sad news
Comment by Joy shipway on 19th December 2017
So so sorry Danny, ,I so loved the way she was with the young children in pre school and hold such precious memories of her bringing the children over at lambing season.xoxojoy
RIP Paola
Comment by Bertha Jeffery on 19th December 2017
Paola was a wonderful person and a great asset to our community. She will be missed. RIP Paola. Condolences to you and your family Danny.