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Lisa Day is an active member in good standing Registered with the Massage Therapist Association of AB - MTAA.
MTAA is a Massage Therapy association in AB accepted and recognized by extended health care providers in BC and across Canada.
MSP coverage.

Treatments are eligible for coverage to individuals with extended health care plans.

With an assessment of the postural expression and observation of restricted patterning within movement Lisa formulates an approach with manual therapy that encourages habitual holding patterns to release and proper alignments to restore. Encouraging postural awareness - sensing again the natural flows of Qi through joints, bones and tissues of the body - a sense of empowerment can be felt with the reconnect to natural vitality running its natural course in a more spacious, more liberated internal structure.

"I believe through a series of focused sessions with a specialized treatment plan that structural dysfunctions can be relieved and the allowing of greater functionality can be felt and achieved."

Lisa's practice has special interest in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, reiki/karuna reiki I-II, Thai, prenatal, and injury-related soft tissue rehabilitation.
She offers deeply therapeutic, intuitive and effective massage therapy treatments.
In practice since 2001.

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