Welcome to
Cortes Waste Management Centre
Located halfway between Squirrel Cove and Seaford Road, we’re open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9 to 1.

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Do you know where your recycling goes?
Watch the Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=018fw3HbJ4c

Recycling and Refuse Collection
3 Separate Categories

#1: Non-glass refundable Items and Styrofoam; in a container we empty. Includes plastic, aluminum, alcohol, pop, juice and water but not milk/almond/soy/coconut cartons.

#2: Mixed Recyclables; in a container we empty – clean, loose, and mixed. Include milk type cartons. No soft plastic, glass, Styrofoam or tissue. Cardboard flattened and bundled to 30” x 30”, reasonable quantity. See https://recyclebc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Materials_List_Recycle-BC.pdf for a complete list of acceptable items. Reasonable quantity each week.

#3: Landfill - one or two clean, securely tied bags weighing less than 10 kg. each

Questions about Recycling and Refuse Collection? Call Henry 935-6940
Brian Pfeifle
Box 402
Mansons Landing  BC  V0P 1K0
Phone: 250 203 1510