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General News · 13th August 2017
Richard Trueman
Friday August 11th the Old Schoolhouse Gallery opened to a major Retrospective of Kristen Schofield-Sweet encompassing paintings and prints from the present to some 30 years ago.

Kristen will talk about her works Friday the 18th of August, staring at 6:30 PM. This is not to be missed!

The Poster by-line says: the photo-realist art of Kristen Schofield-Sweet
“me thinks she doth protest too much”

Yes, when you look at Kristen’s work from a comfortable distance, It looks amazingly realistic. But to this photographer-reviewer, the difference between a photograph and Kristen’s works is when you drill down to the details, from the macrocosm to the microcosm. Despite her disclaimer beside the large foyer painting, “Viewers of my art accuse me of painting creatures - human or otherwise - into the dense complexity of my images. This one is the only painting which I intentionally did that”, however it seems several other paintings also weave a creature, an animal and a face into their realm.

What I find interesting is the closer you get into her present paintings, the finer detail morphs into an absolute abstract painting, as if it were the quantum particles and bosons of matter itself. (Picture 4 and 5 illustrate this as best the size here allows.) In contrast, zooming in on a finely detailed photograph just reveals more fine realistic detail.

Please, do not let my descriptions limit your experience when visiting this show, Enjoy Kristen’s consummate labour, intensive technique, and resulting beauty of first class evocative images.

Show continues today, Sunday, 2-6 PM and next week, August 18, 6-9 PM, August 19 and 20
2-6 PM
The Foyer Painting
The Foyer Painting
upper right detail of painting above -contrast boosted for effect
upper right detail of painting above -contrast boosted for effect
two abstract details of painting above
two abstract details of painting above