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by Ryan Kaldari - Creative Commons
General News · 19th April 2017
The Western Black-legged tick (Ixodes pacificus) is very common during the spring and early summer in our area. It occurs on vegetation in warm, moist areas on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and along the mainland coast between the United States border and Powell River. Its eastward range extends along the Fraser River to Yale and north to Boston Bar.

The red and black females and smaller black males attach to humans, deer, cats and dogs, becoming grey and bean-like in size as they feed. The bite is often painful and may result in a slow-healing ulcer.
The Western Black-legged tick (Ixodes pacificus) does not cause paralysis; however, it is a carrier of the microorganism responsible for Lyme disease in North America. The organism which causes Lyme Disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, has been found in ticks collected from many areas of B.C., and health authorities now believe that Lyme Disease carrying ticks may be present throughout the province. For more information on Lyme Disease, see the B.C. Centre for Disease Control web site.

Removing Attached Ticks
Many methods have been developed over the years for removing feeding ticks which connect themselves to their host with small, barbed mouthparts. Ticks do not burrow under the skin. A number of the more drastic techniques such as using a hot cigarette, gasoline, or hot matches to induce the tick to detach itself are unreliable and may cause injury to the person involved. Ticks are most safely and effectively removed by a slow and gentle pull without twisting, using tweezers or fingers. This will normally remove the tick with the mouthparts attached. The wound should be treated with an antiseptic. See the BC Center for Disease control web site for further information on removal of ticks.
I have read that it is also possible to freeze them off with a medical wart remover. If the tick's head and mouthparts break off during removal, they can be removed with tweezers like a splinter.

Personal Protection
The following precautions will decrease the likelihood of tick attachment.

Wear high boots or tuck pant cuffs into socks. Tuck shirt into pants. Do not wear short pants. Application of commercial insect repellents containing diethyl toluamide (DEET) to the pants may assist in repelling ticks.
If possible, avoid game trails or old roads overgrown or closely lined with vegetation. Tick levels may be high in areas frequented by animals.
When resting, sit on a bare rock, a ground sheet, or a vegetation-free area instead of stretching out on vegetation.
Make daily examinations for ticks, paying particular attention to the pubic region, the base of the skull, and the scalp. Check the backs of everyone in the group and carefully inspect any children. Clothes should be closely examined for ticks, especially near the collar, after they have been hanging overnight.
If you have the following symptoms within days or weeks after being bitten by a tick, please report them to your family doctor immediately. Tell your doctor when and where you were bitten by a tick. If possible, keep any removed ticks and take them to your doctor who may need to have the ticks identified. Ticks can be stored in any sealed container in a fridge or freezer.

General symptoms of fever headache, muscle and joint pains, fatigue or weakness of the muscles of the face.
Skin rash, especially one that looks like a "Bull's Eye". It may or may not be where the bite was.

p.s. I have added more details by request. Feel free to search online for more information; including photos/images of bite symptoms. (not for the squeamish).
my Lyme recovery testimonial
Comment by Ray on 20th April 2017
I suffered the symptoms of Lyme disease for fourty four years. 1965-2009. In 2008 I was dying of the complications from an overtaxed immune system when someone asked me if I knew about Sodium Chlorite. I did not but went to Youtube and watched several videos of people who were healed of almost every disease using Sodium Chlorite prompting me to buy some late 2008. On the following Friday the solution arrived and in 15 minutes my lungs began to clear and within 3 days I could breathe thru right nostril 1st time in 15 years. By the time 10 days had passed the death threat was gone and I took a break from SC therapy to review what had happened. From severe pain, an inability to work or even walk 25 feet w/o having to take a break, covered in hives only days before I really needed to consider what was happening now my cognitive function had been drastically improved. I took about 10 weeks to ponder and in early 2009 I began taking 12 activated drops nightly before bed. Using SC active during day was more than my stomach could handle. But at night SC kills off the pathogen/s and the body heals. In AM everyday for 100 days I did the therapy I felt better than the day before. But the taste was so awful I stopped using active SC by April 2009.

All during my 40s I could work 2 hours a day but if I worked 2.5 I would have to take 10 days off to recover. By summer of 2008 I was able to work 10 minutes and if I worked 15 minutes I was done for months. And now dying in fall. In April 2009 after 100 days of SC/A I was now able to work 10-14 hours a day , running, on a sandwich day after day, sweat pouring in my eyes, w/o pain and exhaustion as I had experienced all my life. Prior whenever I got anywhere near a swet I would get ill and become useless. Work, sports or sex were not something I could participate in.

Come Spring 2009 I was able to do things I'd never done now w/abandon. I began clearing the broom bush from my family land. Broom bush is an invasive species that vacuums the moisture and causes native indigenous species to dry die and go extinct.

For many years I had numerous skin tags I would have surgically removed. Using SC in bath all skin tags disappeared however 1 day I noticed a skin tag on my body I could not see. Out of the shower I got a mirror and had a look. There was the tick burrowed into my crotch, hind legs sticking out waving at me.

I went online, pulled the tick and then applied active SC to the bite which stung like I imagine a bullet might feel. And I did this several times to eliminate the tick bacteria/pathogen. 10 days later I awoke with all the 40+ symptoms of Lyme disease I had fought off earlier and another 100 day bout of SC at night pushed the symptoms back but not as far as the 1st 100 days did. But I stopped. SC tastes like chlorinated pool water with a urinal puck as an ice cube. Many have chosen death over SC use. 100 days later another 100 days use, still same result. Only in 2014 did I regain the spark I felt with the 1st 100 days use/recovery.

The key in the 3rd bout was to not activate the SC and therefore there is no taste issues and the acid of illness and stomach acid activate the SC internally. I took this information directly to the discoverer and the developers of the SC technology early 2014. Today the most advanced method of SC tech does not use acid for oral dosing and this has been a key factor in recovering Autism worldwide as well as Cancer and other illness in a far faster, less uncomfortable fashion with less SC required.

The cost of recovery for me was $5 of the $40 solution I bought 2008. I can tell you that Doctors were absolutely useless to my condition or recovery. I am unsure that the drugs they use today are effective or non harmful and given the choice, SC wins everytime.

I state this for your potential benefit. You are welcome to ask me about this & other conditions.
thank you
Comment by Stephen Reid on 15th April 2017
Thanks for the heads up.