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General News · 26th March 2015
*UPDATE* We have some people that are interested in continuing the Society. They need a bit of time to organize themselves as a board but at this moment it looks like the wifi society will not dissolve. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Over the last few years the Wifi Society has been focussing on one-on-one tutorials and workshops. We also have 3 public computer stations on the island that are used regularly. The tutorials are well received by the community, Susanna enjoys helping people with computer questions and we always receive good reviews. When we started to look for board members to replace the current board and nobody volunteered, we were not sure what to do. Fold the Society even though we had something good going? How could we continue what was happening without a board? Did we really need a society to continue?

Literacy Now and the Wifi Society have been working together for many years. Maybe Literacy Now could take on the tutorial/workshop aspect of the Wifi Society? I talked to Melissa Flagg the LitNow coordinator, Susanna who teaches and organizes the tutorials and to the Wifi Board. We all think this is a good solution as Digital Literacy is a big part of Literacy in general. The stores are on board as well; all three stores agreed to continue to keep the terminals available to the public if the Wifi Society discontinues.

This is where we are at this moment.

Literacy Now is prepared to take over the Tutorials and Workshops. Susanna will continue to do what she is doing only not for the Wifi Society but for Literacy Now. The computers & printers at each of the stores will stay where they are; they will be donated (little value at this point) to each store. If they decide to stop within a year, the proceeds of the sales for the computers will go Literacy Now. The Wifi Society has enough money in the bank to keep the programming going for at least another 6 months. All the money will be transferred to Literacy Now. As we are signed up with many volunteers for the Seafest, we are excited to still be part of that (only as Literacy Now - Digital Literacy), as it will raise funds to continue the tutorials etc. beyond the next 6 months.

Please let us know your thoughts on this if you don’t think this is a good idea. We could continue as the Wifi Society, if new board members that are interested to continue and build on what the Wifi Society is today come forward.

Kind Regards,
Ester Strijbos

Wifi Society Board:

Ruth Ridell
Yvonne Kipp
Doug Butt
Ester Strijbos