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General News · 1st February 2015
Micheal Kluchkowski
The goal of this forum is to enable a non-partisan discussion about how we can grow the economy of Cortes Island in order to provide income producing opportunities both by employment and by local businesses.

The meeting at Linnaea Farms on January 24 was an exiting and hopefull. I expected that we would have the opportunity to carry on the discussion, but as nothing is happening, and I can't access the email list that was collected, I started this forum site to keep the conversation going.

My intention is that the rules and agenda for this website will be controlled by the participants themselves. This site is not sponsored by, nor is it affiliated with any existing organization, including the Strathcona Regional District.

I believe that this process should work towards a consensus, and reject the creation and maintenence of political factions. Our existing political system requires partisanship, and we are all conditioned to believe that the world would be a better place if only our political group was victorious. In the end, the new boss is the same as the old boss.

In my view of the future, there is no politics as usual. There is no management of information, no spin, no backroom strategizing, no manipulation of the process. We need to strive every day, with every decision, to promote transparency, inclusion, and compromise, and build a consensus that whatever our differences, we can work together to build an economy that supports us all. If we do it right, we can be a model community, and demonstrate the overwhelming power of creativity.

Building consensus requires rigorous self examination of our beliefs and assumptions, and a dedication to overcoming our conditioning and our primitive instincts. A successful consensus based organization doesn’t have leaders in the traditional sense, on the contrary, it has mechanisms to limit the accumulation of power in the hands of any person or group of people. It creates a format for discussion that promotes the ability for all voices to be heard, not just the loudest.

Are you up to the challenge? Do your actions serve to develop consensus, or to divide us into competing political factions who will expend our creative energy on useless and unproductive bickering over things we cannot control?

The address of the forum will be when the name populates. Meanwhile, you can access the forum by using