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General News · 11th November 2014
Since I have begun teaching Tensegrity Yoga at Om Studio on Wednesday mornings, (see calendar for details) many people have asked me – “What IS Tensegrity Yoga ANYWAYS??”

The Tensegrity Repair Yoga Series was developed by Goia Irwin, a woman who has an incredible ability to go within her own body and bring forth teaching to transform the way we as students relate to movement, strength and awakening through the body.

The word Tensegrity comes from Buckminster Fuller who created the Geodesic Dome, and refers to a self-supporting structure. Our bodies ARE tensegrity structures – or at least they are designed to be.

The practice focuses on core strength and alignment and is deeply restorative and nourishing for the whole being. When we begin to come more into our ‘tensegrity’ body, our movement becomes lighter, easier, and there is a sense of spaciousness for the organs and the joints.

It is a gentle practice which anyone can do yet the form allows us to dive deep and will help unwind habitual holding patterns to allow access to deeply rooted strength, flexibility and opening. It will especially benefit those who have limited mobility, alignment issues or who want to build core strength.

Through these practices I have found the strength that comes from the deep core of my being in both a physical and spiritual sense. I've found freedom in my body, mind and spirit that I did not know was possible.

When we practice correctly, yoga brings us in direct contact with all that is keeping us from fully being the divine radiance which we are.

Through practicing awareness, compassion and loving kindness (for ourselves and others) we come into alignment with our natural state of oneness with all that is.

My commitment is to assist others in finding what I have found through Yoga; and to provide a compassionate space where we can unwind and let go through vulnerability to find strength, success and spirit.