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General News · 26th August 2014
Rick Bockner
Several people asked me to put this out there so they can read the lyrics. To the tune of Petula Clark"s "Downtown". Enjoy!

"Whaletown", Lyrics by Rick Bockner

When the bustle of Mansons is getting you down, you can always go
To Whaletown

There isnít a whale and there isnít a town. Thatís how we got our name.

Listen to the thythm of the ferry traffic passing
Watch your neighbourís dog and all the wildlife heís harassing

The Wilderburbs

The folks are much older there, so you can start up your chainsaws, They canít even hear.
In Whaletown- where all the lights are out
Whaletown- not much to shout about
Whaletown- Youíre going to waste some time here.

Write a fat novel while you wait for the ferry up in Whaletown- what fun!
Or perhaps you can forage for some shrooms and blackberries as you head back home- ho hum.

You can meet a cougar while out walking in the Commons
Or have your mind adjusted by one of our local shamans

A Healing Place

Six weeks in the summertime.
Then the fall rains begin and the people all whine.

In Whaletown-Listening to CBC
Waletown-Beer and a DVD
Whaletown- Your kind of community

Whaletown- Less than it claims to be.
Whaletown- Land of the old Hippie
Whaletown- Itís always 4:20
Whaletown- Your going to waste your life here