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General News · 13th August 2014
Carrie Saxifrage
Over these few weeks, I’m asking the Nine Lake swimmers what inspired them to undertake this arduous endeavor. I asked Bianka Satoria about her swimming experience. She told me that she joined a swim team because she was frightened of the water. Once she got over her fear, she found that she loved swimming. In her travels, she swims in every lake, creek and ocean. She wrote the following paragraphs in response to my question of why she wants to swim the Nine Lakes in one day.
Lakes, rivers and streams are the veins of Earth. As many of us, these water ways have profound jobs to perform and their health, function and abilities affect all. Swim through these, follow their outflow and inflow and soon one realizes the interconnectedness of it all.
My inspiration to swim the nine lakes stems from the Cortes Island community which strives to understand and improve the impacts on the lakes. I am inspired by my team members who strive to bring awareness, fundraise and engage the community in providing the means to improve our watershed(s). I am inspired by all those who aim to learn from and change.
My love for the lakes, watersheds and all Earth veins, is derived from the awe at how beautiful these constant flowing and pristine water bodies are. The privilege we have as humans to play, swim, and enjoy a medium in which we are not entirely designed to live in astounds me. I know the peace I feel when I swim, when I tune into the rhythm of the lake as my body slices through the water. I know how healing it is. I would like to do a little part in helping maintain these privileges for others.
Please support this endeavour and thank you for the love this community has for its Earth veins.

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