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General News · 1st August 2014
I want to be completely transparent for everyone’s benefit and maximum healing from the recent events. Due to personal stress and a pattern of overwhelming depression that I don’t fully understand yet, last Tuesday I attempted to end my life by jumping off of the ferry. I was rescued and admitted to St Joseph’s hospital in Comox where I spent almost a week in recovery. My family, partner (Majie) and best friend (Theda) came speedily to support me. We all decided that returning to Cortes with constant companionship would be the best choice for my healing. I plan to spend the rest of the summer here to soak up the beauty and healing of this land and this community. I returned on Tuesday. I am feeling very raw and tender. Not exactly sure what to say or do but am taking it one day at a time to cultivate well being and balance and doing my best to just be present with what is in each moment. I am deeply touched by the love and support I have received from people in this community. I am sorry for any pain or hardship my actions have caused. I suspect this is challenging for a lot of people and I want to encourage all of us to take this opportunity for the maximum healing and growth by being open to talking about our feelings. There will be healing circles to help process. If you would like to be involved or host one please be in touch. One thing I have learned and want to be open about is my need for deep and authentic contact. Feel free to connect with me when you see me or reach out by phone or email. My family and friends are deeply grateful to Amber Sprungman, Xavier Osland, Josh Foisey, the BC Ferry Staff and the Quadra Paramedics for their part in my rescue. Thank you to all of you who have been holding space and sending your love and especially to all the angels who made my return to Cortes so graceful.