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General News · 7th July 2014
Greetings everyone! We are now into the full swing of summer, which means here at the farm our Youth Camps have begun - starting with the Power of Hope ( So for all you library users ~ this means that the playground is now off limits for the majority of the summer. There will be a sign posted by the entrance to the library ramp letting you know what's going on. Please be respectful of the space the camps are creating and stick to the main library entrance. Also, i've been amazed at the creative parking i have witnessed when i walk through the parking lot, we've marked off areas we don't want you to park, please pay attention to them, and park like we know you know how to. Cars have been dinged in that parking lot, so the better you park, the less you have of getting your car scratched/dented/hit!
If you have any questions/comments/concerns send me an email ~