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General News · 12th June 2014
I'm not sure I could ever get to such a place of comfort to feel obliged to negatively critique a trail network that so many neighbours have said to be so special to them personally. To me, my own differing opinion wouldn't seem relevant or appropriate enough to share so publicly after hearing so many others express such love for the same place. Having said that, we're lucky to live in a community where folks can voice their own thoughts in such a safe, inviting and open forum. It certainly illustrates how different our individual feelings can be. I think these differences and acceptance of them are probably a big part of what makes Cortes as a whole such a great place to exist.

Being a very happy resident of Cortes (Whaletown specifically) for over six years, I'm happy to say that if there were to be a vote for the fate of the Whaletown Commons as has been suggested by some that oppose it, I would certainly be voting in strong favour for it to finally and officially become a park. Knowing that the area would be protected permanently from being logged out would be a benefit for Cortes as a whole for many reasons that have all already been listed. I should also mention that given the chance I would likely vote in favour of any future proposed park on any part of the island. All the current parks and wild spaces have their own uniqueness and beauty that anyone who is lucky enough to visit them can easily see. I would hazard to say that I think most of us who live on Cortes would share this sentiment. With the staggering and clearly unsustainable amount of natural resource exploitation happening all around us all the time how can an argument possibly be made for too much protected park space anywhere in the country at this point?

Also, It seems really strange to hear any of the sub communities on our small island described as being “in the middle of nowhere” or “all the way out there” in relation to any other. We live 10 minutes apart. We’re all still neighbours in one small community at the end of the day. Better to stick together I think.

Kevin Vandoremalen