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General News · 10th June 2014
In the on going debate about Whaletown Commons I was developing an opinion but hadn't actually been way out to Whaletown to see for myself so didn't feel right about voicing one. Today I went, see pics as proof, I walked all over the trails. Now I can say I don't agree with buying it. It's nice but not very special or beautiful. There are some very special and beautiful places on this island to enjoy. Up around Blue Jay is my favourite, there are spots in there that just steal my breath, so beautiful my heart just sings. There are parks and trails that trump WC by miles, Kwas, Hanks Beach, Carrington, Siskin Lane trails and Richard Lawtons Mansons property. I love the walk from Cemetery Road to the fire hall in all seasons its eye candy. And from the school to Mansons Landing beach is stunning. Red Granite has been my secret beach for years, I love it down there and have spent hours just hanging out with the dog. If this community is to go in debt to buy a "new" park it had better be something really really special, like Red Granite, which we could get without going into debt. We have thousands of acres of parkland already and money would be better spent maintaining them and hiring a local or 2 to work in them. Whaletown Commons is nice but not that special in comparison to other parks we already have. I think a vote is called for, every one should have a chance to say yea or nay before we get in debt. My opinion, just saying'.