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General News · 5th June 2014
Wendy Legare
MLA Clair Trevena recently referred to struggling coastal communities undermined by ferry costs. That's us Cortes! Add to this a financial institution pulling up stakes on July 5, elimination of Grade 10 from our Public School, fed up residents saying sayonara, businesses selling out or moving away... It's not a figment of the imagination.
Clearly the last years of Cortes Island's growing economic tightness is not severe enough for our local government to put the brakes on purchasing a ~ $830,000 property requiring the SRD to take out a $200,000+ short term 5 year loan - on the tab of property owners.
Not everyone thinks so.

From the Staff Reports FILE: 0560-04 Board (Closed)
Appendix A - re Whaletown Commons Society Board Resolution

Excerpts from an email provided on behalf of the WCSociety May 15. 2014:
"We had a Board Meeting of the WCSociety last night and we were all in unanimous approval of supporting the purchase as described to us by yourself and Noba of the the property known as the Whaletown Commons. Our official resolution is below:
- We the board of the WCSociety resolve to support the purchase of the Whaletown commons as presented by the SRD. Further, we have $30,800 to donate immediately and an additional $23,500 in outstanding pledges that we anticipate collecting, in addition to $6500 already contributed (read taxation) to Parklands Acquisition Reserve fund."

Further notes from the above meeting are as follows:
Upon confirmation of a purchase agreement, additional fundraising will be mobilized, to reduce the debt that the SRD would incur. We believe there are Cortes based donors, who will contribute to the purchase of this Park, once the purchase is officialy made public and is indeed happening. We look forward to a official report to the Cortes Community and are available for a public meeting if deemed necessary by the SRD Board. Until the time of public announcement we are keeping this information in strict confidentiality." - signed by .........., Secretary/Chair, Whaletown Commons Society. May 15, 2014
SRD email addresses at bottom of previous article 'Apparently Not.....'