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General News · 1st June 2014
With regards to the proposed Whaletown Commons...

In response to the “Concerned Cortes Islanders” & the anonymous author with the Red Granite interest:

YES, we do NEED another Regional Park on Cortes Island. How magnificently ignorant it is to refer to Whaletown as “the middle of nowhere.” You are my neighbor. Even if you may live on the very southern or very northern tip of Cortes, you are my neighbor. I do not believe “putting up fences makes good neighbors.” Why pay for an article that you don’t sign your name(s) too? That feels like a fence.

Our opinions & agendas may differ, but let’s have a neighborly conversation about the proposed Whaletown Commons. “Proposed” because it does not belong to us. It is not “free.” The argument that “Cortes Island already has more than 3000 acres of designated parkland,” isn’t sufficient. It isn’t sufficient because there is a very noticeable lack of accessible designated parkland in the heart of Whaletown. The perception that a tax break would be more ideal than preserving land for future generations, is massively short sighted and entitled.

Have you ever taken a walk though the Commons in all 4 seasons? It is nothing short of majestic when you see the thick old trees next to a bubbling creek. Dearest neighbor, let’s do something good together… Let’s go for a walk to see just how completely worth it the Whaletown Commons is.

Thanks for reading. This was written with hopes of keeping fences down and dialogue polite.

Your neighbor,

Jess Copping