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General News · 21st April 2014
Rob Graham
Atomic Volleyball
The Cortes Island Atomic Volleyball Program has come to an end for this season. The pre and early teens attending the program have showed an impressive improvement in learning new skills as well as gaining an awareness of how the game is played. So often, your see young and older students play the game more like ping pong, where only the very best players resort to “one-timing” the ball over the net, leaving the rest of the team as spectators. The Atomic Program instills the basic concept of passing the ball from the back row to the net (where the setter is located), then setting the ball along the net to the “hitter” or “power”, who is ready to contact the ball for the third time. As well, limiting the teams to 3 or 4 per side allows for more individual contact with the ball. More participation is the object.

There are a number of simulated games and drills that we implement to ingrain the pattern at an early age. This year’s group bought into this system and had fun doing it. All the children should be proud of themselves for not only a huge improvement in their individual skills (bumping, setting, spiking, and serving), but also because they have learned how to play the game. So, in the future, if and when they try out for a team in some other town, they will have the skill set to be confident in doing so.

A special thank you goes out to the CCHA for being so supportive in making this program a reality. A good example is that this year, they bought a new net for us to use. As well, the BC Volleyball Association has donated hundreds of dollars in equipment. That makes my job as a coach a lot easier and exposes the children to quality volleyballs to learn with.

Here are some of the regulars on the court.
Henry MacKay, good setting and hitting skills; Kellen Warkentin, shows great hustle on the court, diving for balls; Dominique Goulet, gained passing and setting skills while Felex excelled at working the system and shone at all of the skills; Trinity Robertson, super overhand passer and hitter; Sequola Mailey, good all-round skill level and team player; Bella Merideth-Drometer, hitting and passing skills showing up; Frae Geraghty, hitting the ball really well; Eilish Hansed, showing leadership skills and good knowledge of the game; Lily Allen, her athleticism really showing up in her game play; Soloman Popkey, great hustle on the court and understanding of approaching and executing spiking the ball; Kaysha MacKenzie, good fundamentals in all the skills, and Mari Geraghty, great reflexes on the court as well as setting and hitting skills. Way to go gang, you all were very coachable, enthusiastic, and excellent pizza eaters as well! Thanks for your help setting up and taking down equipment. I had a blasthope you did too. Parents, thanks for your encouragement at home.

Coach Rob Graham