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General News · 4th April 2014
I had a dream about Vicky the night she passed on. She didn't figure largely, but I saw her enter a room. Then I found out she was gone the next morning

It is hard for me to express the importance that Vicky had in my life, from the time I was just beginning at Linnaea when I was 9 ish, until now!

My brain never was particularly 'mathy' or 'lefty' and it was confronted with grade ten math when i was at oracle school in the old Block house. Vicky was our math teacher and I remember the pink room she taught us in, with the chalk board, her distinctive style of writing numbers in chalk and a no nonsense, incisive and exciting approach to the subject! this can't be overly expressed, how she made me feel smart and capable, helped me to enjoy math, and sometimes would confuse and interest me by talking about theoretical and deeper aspects of mathematics.
Later on she tutored me through grade 11 math on weekends and I got an A+ in the subject entirely thanks to her.
When I was 28 she tutored me through grade 12 math so I could gain entrance to a program.

I remember admiring the way she handled her pencil, setting it down neatly and organized. i like to watch her long fingers and hands tracing over the problems on the page. She had such nice long fingernails that she would tap on the paper. She was organized and sometimes slightly severe but something really good for me about that. she had boundaries and was very honest.

I even appreciate the time when i was 14 and hitchhiking with friends and she picked us up. we were being disrespectful and she phoned our parents to let them know. now i think that's awesome. then i was just embarrassed, but that's the kind of thing you should do for kids

I will also always remember something she said to me as clear as day: "If a student is not learning it is never their fault, and always the responsibility of their teacher" and she truly took that responsibility to heart. it was also quite comforting to hear

But its not just math. it was her entire demeanor, her wild ways, and in more recent years her radio show which i LOVE and was sure to tune in to every time if I was around. I sure miss that now.

Death is strange but in all likelihood its much like before we were born and that wasn't the least bit scary. but its so sad for us who are left behind, so we can look up at the stars and breathe and trust. I've lost some of my favorite people and I don't know why. I wish Vicky were able to take up her chalk explain it to me now that she knows

Im so glad to hear that Vicky was surrounded by trusted loving people when she passed through to another realm.

So here's to my dear friend who I got to give a hug to in the grocery store on Quadra not long ago. We all love and miss Vicky and what a cool thing that we all collided in this life to have so much fun together

You taught me many things