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General News · 31st January 2014
The adrenal glands? Those are the little things that sit on top of your kidneys, right? What do they do?

Well yes actually, and in fact, they are absolutely critical for almost every process in the body. The adrenals are connected with strength, life force, survival, managing impulses, and setting rhythms in the body.

From the Chinese Medicine perspective, the kidneys (kidney-adrenal) are thought to represent the roots of the body, and like the roots of a tree are thought to support and affect the entire body.

“A person with healthy, vital kidneys (kidney-adrenal) is active yet calm, courageous but gentle, accomplishes a great deal without stress, and balances assertive action with nurture.” Paul Pitchford

In contrast, some common symptoms of adrenal fatigue include:
-dehydration/frequent urination
-blood pressure decreases (may get dizzy or light headed) when going from lying to sitting or standing
-exercise intolerance
-sensitivity to bright lights, headlights, sunlight
-easily shaken up or startled from unexpected noise
-inability to cope with stressful events
-strong craving for salt
-more than usual neck, head & shoulder tension

(for a more comprehensive list see

The adrenals are the first endocrine gland to develop in utero – within the first three weeks. A mother’s cortisol levels before, during and after birth will impact her baby’s cortisol levels and will set the baby’s system to her own. Many people have struggled with having a ‘strung-out’, hypersensitive system throughout their whole lives for this very reason.

The good news is, even as an adult, with the right support it is possible to reset your system.

It is becoming more widely known that subclinical low-thyroid can is a very common issue affecting the metabolism and health of the entire body.

What many people don’t know is that a low thyroid NEVER happens without the adrenals being depleted first. When the thyroid is treated without supporting the adrenals, once again we are missing the ‘root’ of the problem.

Adrenal deficiency is so common in our culture today, and yet it is rarely adequately supported.

It may be difficult to imagine, but it IS possible to change how you feel and to restore your health to an extraordinary level of vitality and wellness.

To do so, to really achieve whole and integral health, we must begin at the roots.