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General News · 19th January 2014
Bill Wheeler
Hello friends and neighbors,
I’d like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year and express my gratitude for the love, light and beauty in my life. Living here on the coast of BC, and on Cortes Island in particular, is a privilege that I try to always keep in mind. I am blessed with two beautiful daughters, a loving and supportive partner, a friendly and tolerant community, and a home in this relatively unspoiled natural world.
It doesn’t take long, though, when I look beyond the edges of my peaceful, even idyllic life, to see that all is not well in our world. In fact, in terms of the biosphere, I think it is pretty accurate to say that we are trashing the place. And though there are very many mouths to feed on this earth it is not the hungry masses that are doing the damage. The ones doing the increasingly avaricious exploiting, despoiling, and befouling of our common planet are doing it for the money.
In the social sphere things are much the same. Despite all efforts to the contrary, inequality, poverty, malnutrition, and human misery are increasing. Though many of us in the west are still getting by in some degree of comfort the policies of austerity are coming to more and more people. How long do you think we will be spared?
I made a sign recently that I stood beside the road through Cathedral Grove with, that says Capitalism is Cancerous. I believe that is true but I think more specifically the issue, and what we are afflicted with now, is state-supported industrial capitalism. The fascistic tendencies that go hand in hand with that state of affairs are increasingly on the rise.
I think it is clear that the environment, both biological and social, is suffering increasing damage. If things keep going as they are I believe our children and grandchildren will be facing a very grim future. How change to our current rate of descent into fascism and an ecological nightmare can be brought about is not easy to see. If one is looking to the mainstream political parties to do more than tinker with things here or there I think that disappointment is inevitable. I am not advocating abandoning voting and politics or ignoring the many petitions that are available to click and share but if all we have is our vote and our petitions I think we are heading for a future that very few of us will like.
If one only participates in our corporate run governing system in ways that are sanctioned by the system the chances of making meaningful changes are pretty slim. Current ecological destruction and increasing social austerity are not accidental happenings they are government and corporate policy. If we want things to be different each one of us needs to find a way to add our voice and weight to a countering effort. More than 100 years ago labor and social justice advocate Mary Harris “Mother” Jones said “Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living”.
With that, I wish you all the best for 2014,
Bill Wheeler
action needed
Comment by Tom Bohart on 21st January 2014
People need hope that they can make a difference or they simply assume that they cannot. It seems to be that no matter how many petitions are signed, no matter how much marching in the streets we do, how much uproar nothing changes, nothing gets done. So many of the good people I know are living a collective dream that all is still well when it is very clear to those of us with open eyes that it is not. And it seems impossible to wake those who appear wilfully blind. Nor does there seem to be a remedy....yet.
for the sake...
Comment by norberto rodriguez dela vega on 21st January 2014
hey Bill, my humble opinion is that not only Capitalism is cancerous, but humankind is the cancer to Earth !
And we are soo blind, arrogant and stupid that we will continue doing the same: destroying our Mother, until it is too late !
And remember this won't be the first time we have done such a terrible thing. We just don't learn from our past mistakes.
For the sake of our children and grandchildren, let 2014 be the year that all humankind can open our eyes and embrace life with reverence, respect, empathy and love.
cheers from the okanagans...
You got that right
Comment by Peter Schmidt on 19th January 2014
Yes you do!!!