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General News · 1st December 2013
Peter Wharry
I would like to open this article by apoligizing to any I have wronged in the community. I believe myself to have been living in a combative state induced by information which led me to feel that there were elements at work in the community which sought to undermine my family's legitimicy. I now beleive that I was wrong and have been unnecessarily in a state of conflict. I have come to understand a great deal about the necessity of placing controls on the information which is used in the construct of perception and the powerful combination of external stress and negative information. I ask for your forgiveness.

I feel the need to bring the community up to date with my family's homesteading venture on cemetary road and the current state of fallout from the emerging scandal which has greatly compromised my family's vital interests.
For those of you who do not know, the property has been under investigation by Social Services for some time ostensibly because of sub-standard housing, nutritional deficiencies and lack of care. My family was not under direct investigation but I was led to believe that we were by 2 individuals who informed my wife and I that social services were "coming to our place next."

Because of the seriousness of the investigation in proportion to what I percieved as the situation I lashed out at the ministry and reacted protectively with my family.

In my previous article I alluded to subversion and over the past week I have been gathering information, attempting to correspond with Richard Lawton, and reviewing matters with the input of sound advice.

Peter Wharry