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General News · 24th November 2013
Peter Wharry
Hello friends,
Hello enemies of hope and liberty

What I am about to write shall be inspirational to the majority of you yet will undoubtably be unpalatable to those who may be conspiring in secret with the obective of furthering ambitions and agendas so far undisclosed.

Since arriving on Cortes and setting up residence on a parcel of land bordering cemetery road in Mansons my family and I have been under continued attack via the weapons of slander, false accusations and investigation by the authorities. It is no secret that the developement and ideals promoted by Mr. Richard Lawton are highly controversial and it could easily be construed by sentiments expressed by various individuals as well as frustrated land use aspirations, that there exists an alternate agenda for the 70 acres between Cemetary and Beasly roads. An agenda which upon even superficial examination seems to lead down a veritable rabbitt hole of subversion. Now, it has never been my intention or desire to expose the motives and goals of the wealthy as they apply to Cortes or the world at large. I am a father of four children and find that I have been very busy fullfilling my obligations while pursueing a lifestyle with historical, financial and present day relevence. I am not looking for a "front line" to pitch battle with the elites in our midst. Regardless, the front line has come to my doorstep. I have an urgent message for all who love hope, freedom and independence: THE FASCISTS ARE HERE, THERE ARE WEEDS IN THE GARDEN!!

Don't believe me? Think this is another episode of "youtube hysteria", think again.

The ministry of child and family services has put 8 children and their families under investigation on cemetary road. The ministry has acted outside of it's authority (I feel (i have to put disclaimers everywhere)) and subjected children to invasive exams, private interrogation and threats of removal from their families. No wrong doing has been found. The investigation continues under the watchful eye of the ministry. the act states (in essence) that if the director "FEELS" that a child "MAY" be in danger that children can be forcibly removed from their parents and families and placed into custody. In the present case there are concerns about kids being burnt on woodstoves, eating too many of the free snack packets (entrapment packets) at school and being stressed by the adaptive process into a simplistic, off-grid lifestyle. Solutions were found, an eleventh hour rental was pulled together and so the issues were seemingly resolved. Not so. On my last update with my FORMER neighbours the social worker in charge was reported by them to be concerned by the cement floor in the basement of the rental and the fact that there were verandas (there are railings). The mother ( i can't write her name here) reports that she has been informed that the ministry doubts her capacity for a fifth child and seems to be easing her into the adoption process. Perhaps one day soon we will unearth further evidence linking the ministry and it's workers to mannilla envelopes full of money and the child trafficking rings which are known to exist in this country. Who knows? Who wants to find out?
The point is that I don't feel like this would have happenned in Whaletown or anywhere north of Hague lake. What the hell is going on with the South end of Cortes? Who is rubbing shoulders with who in what government agencies?
AS for me, my wife and children are gone for christmas visits to other parts of the country. I am staying behind to safeguard our investment and what was our home. So I oput it to you my fellow islanders, "Is the plight of a man, a woman and their children in pursuit of a globally crumbling dream during an era of decay important to you? Will you allow yourselves to fall victim to slanders and invented stories of short cords of firewood, police informants, abuse, neglect and un respectability? Or will you see through the haze of dis-information and subversion to the truth. The truth I beleive is that while watching from the sidelines with baited breath while others fall the easy response is to say "at least it's not me". I can only guess that perhaps Berlin 1937-1939 would have had many repeating those lines in relief. And no, it is not you. Not today. It is just a decay away.

I shall leave you with this. And yes this may be the first hint at release of a full expose which I have already penned and put into safekeeping should the worst happen. For the Curious among you, use your supercomputer and investigate away. I can't wait to hear what you find out.
Support family soveriegnty.Fight subversion