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General News · 20th November 2013
Isolde Ruthenberg
It started with a need ... the Need for Clean! ... and the 1st Annual Free Store Spiff-Up was born.

The Sunday Ladies (Izzy, Jo-Anne, Diane) wanted a way to easily clean and keep our Free Store clean. Why not paint some shelves?

After an extremely intensive brainstorming session, plans and lists were compiled, and then presented to Dova. She approved and authorized implementation of the plan. The Free Store Volunteer list was called and after a trip to Campbell River, all supplies were purchased and on site ready for action.

Lots of boxes had been saved and on Sunday, September 29 at 12:30 pm the 1st Annual Free Store Spiff-Up began. The Tear-Down crew (Chris Osler, Patricia, Lorna, Ryan, Elinore, Charlene, Blair) arrived, packed and bagged everything possible. Dova Bobcat-shuttled things back and forth and the crew packed and piled everything into more than half of the Barn.

While the tear-down crew worked, the Paint crew (Izzy, Jo-Anne, Diane) left for a beautiful lunch catered at the home of Gerry and Dolly Watson. Delicious and very satisfying! The Paint crew was back at 3:30 and with clean-up and prep done, painting began at 4:30 pm. The crew painted and painted and painted until 11:00 pm.

Monday saw the paint crew back at 9:30a.m. They painted and painted until 8:00p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, Janet and Kieran came in to strip the floors and give them many many coats of wax. We will try to get this done every year as it will help preserve our floor. The paint crew came in on Wednesday at 10:00a.m. and you guessed it - they painted and painted and painted some more. This painting was done in the Barn as the floor crew was putting on more coats. The grotto mural was born, and the new change room and public washroom was painted and decorated with mirrors and art work.

Thursday, the Free Store was not officially open as we were trying to put things back. We did manage to obtain some semblance of order, but to date our project is still a work in progress. Bouquets of beautiful roses to all who took part. This project showed the great character, and great characters on this island! A job well done!

This project began as a work of the heart. It was to honour you, Dova! Thank youfor all your years of dedication and perseverance that have made our Free Store such an incredible success, and a model for others. We did it for Dova!

Happy Retirement and Cheers to you!

We will greatfully accept any monetary donations for future Free Store Spiff-up stuff.
We need one 2-drawer metal file cabinet for the men's section.
We need 4-6 tall narrow plastic/wooden bins (see Izzy)
We need rectangular storage bins/baskets for new shelving (see Izzy)
We are currently re-discovering the Free Store Gardens, and will gratefully accept any deer proof plants. Please contact our Head gardener - Jo-Anne during regular business hours: Sunday 9:15 am -12:30 pm.
Please forgive any oversight on our part if we forgot to thank anyone who helped. We are truly appreciative of all the help. THANK YOU :)