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General News · 21st November 2013
Misty Torne
That is what Cortes claims to be. As a returning islander I have not felt the love care and understanding of a community. 25 years ago when my father and I returned to have our house burned to the ground the Community of Cortes got together and put up a new house for us and we were very grateful. Today my family has been cast aside by the very people” the Community of Cortes” by calling children and family services rather than stopping by and say” hi welcome to the neighborhood. Is there anything you need, is there anything that we could help you with.” That is what community does. In a small community like Cortes we need to look out for one another and help each outer out, not talk behind each other’s backs and back stab. This gets us nowhere.
As a community if you see something that is not right or that you are worried about with someone living conditions stop in and offer a hand don’t turn our back like you don’t care. There are many good rewords to helping someone out. It does not have to be money or your time maybe you have something that they need that you have laying around or you know someone that might be able to help out. Speared the word and get together and help out that is what a true community does. And when you do you will feel a lot better about yourself knowing that you have helped bring a family a better life and gained a friend and the trust of someone that might just do the same for you some day.
As a community if you turn you back on some or a blind eye or make that phone call you could be putting a child’s life in danger and the mental state of a whole family in jeopardy. When you make that call to family services without knowing that there is a true problem, it is very devastating to the family that has to go through the call and investigation that follows. Children and parents fear losing each other and stress levels go through the roof, there are tears and fights and anger and frustrations. Pregnant mothers can lose their unborn babies or even lose them at birth. There can be deformations in the unborn baby by the stress that has been caused. So if you are concerned about how someone is living do right by the Community and stop in and ask to help.
As a returning islander you have turned your back on me and have left me no option but to put my dreams of a nice home and peaceful place to live a side by turning the dogs lose on me and my wonderful children that I have gave my everything to. I am a ok mother and I look after my children the doctors can prove that, all that was needed was a little helping hand and the Community of Cortes to get down off that high horse that you seem to be riding and do the right thing for my family and others like me that want to call this beautiful island a home. Offer to help in any way you can, there is never too little from any one person and there might not be a too late.
A quick thank you to the very few of you that have been a help it has been very wonderful and may you receive twice the reword back. The rest of you should stop and take a good hard look at yourselves and be very ashamed of yourselves. What if you have been in my shoes how would you feel?

Good Day