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General News · 23rd August 2013
Cortes Literacy Outreach
With the help of various Cortes residents and visitors at Sand Castle Day last weekend, an odd community story was woven!

As folks passed by the Cortes Literacy Outreach blanket in the sand, and as the industrious sand builders crafted their creations, together we came up with a fanciful story about the day.

Each participant added one or two sentences, only having heard the previous sentence or two to guide them. Some people added their sand creature they were building right into the story. Do you recognize any of the characters?

I thought it was dead.
I buried it under the seaweed, but then I saw it move.
"It's alive!" said Forest.
Out of the seaweed crawled a red rock crab, riding a seahorse.
And as quickly as it appeared, it was gone again!
"Did we really see that?!"
The seahorse flew over the serpent and noticed a village beside it,
guarded by Dolly the Lion.
She was frozen in stone centuries ago by the wicked witch, but Dolly's golden mane still blew in the wind on a regular basis.
Kai's friend Desi tried to feed Dolly sand balls, but she couldn't eat them--too dry!
There we all lived on an emerald isle in a turquoise sea, with abundant wild things,
and animals, too.
It is a joy to see people coming together with nature in this auspicious place,
especially where love and nature combine to be one.

Special thanks to all those who participated:
Dougy and Lucinda
and a few others whose names I didn't get...

Thanks for helping to make a story for and about the wonderful critters and castle that were made on the beach! What fabulous creations there were!